Time walking Holiday Loot not worth it

Are they? Hmm doesnt seem that way as the only quest that’s up is TW, and the other weeks are not on the calendar.

Have you been in game yet? They are not doing that.

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I’m tripping? LOL ok there.

Blue posted it would work in tandem.

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NO one needs it lol.

445 gear drops like Candy…

when you get to lvl 120 and can queue straight into timewalking and get 445 gear yes its great to get you started sorry you cant get upgrades from easy content anymore quit crying and asking blizz to buff it move onto harder things if you want better stuff

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This was always a TW week, they’re not doubling up on tw weeks.

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leveling exp is already stupid good, though.

Blue can post whatever they want, the reality is thats not what is currently implemented in live.

What they say =/= whats going on lol.

No, a fresh 120 the 445 is still not good lololol.

Did you miss the been back 3 weeks and already have 460+ in all but 2 slots. 445 is garbage WQ level trash.

IDC, if they don’t take away the normal weeks and such. Also don’t really care beyond that thag much, I will get gear regardless. All this will cause is people to not run TW. Its trash content with terrible groups in the PUGs.

Raiding Herioc is easier than doing 5 TWs with people who are terrible or dont know what they are doing lol. Also it takes longer to TW 2 mists dungeons than it does to 12/12 Herioc lolol.

Except I just looked at the calendar and the normal weeks are playing too.

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TW dungeons as a fresh 120 are very painful right now.

have you done one since they hotfixed them on the 9th (after the last tw week), people are saying they are back to normal.

Not yet, my last iteration was a ~2 hour skyreach.

I did skyreach again recently by accident on heroic in leveling gear and it was easier.

I’ll give it a spin as soon as my hunter is high enough.

it was suppose to be heroic as well, but they reverted the change.

Apparently banging your head against the wall through what is suppose to be a fun event, they made a chore for some asinine reason

man, y’all must have had some bad luck, i didn’t have a single TW out of thirty take longer then 30 min and those were on the long side of them.

One of the skyreach tanks was being oneshotted by the slams from Akronath - not the beams, the slams. Dodging all of those is asking a lot for someone that hasn’t run the place twenty times just last week.

Of course people screwed up beams, birds, etc, and it was doable but there were many wipes, but the scaling to gear to account for essences and crap can have some people really behind the curve in what would normally be level appropriate gear (because timewalking).

They should just turn all essences and corruptions off and scale it that way.

It’s because they scale terribly

They make u do heroic dungeons while scaling u to normal

At this point they should get rid of of timewalking because as it stands right now its crap

okay bud your just the best conisdering im 470 after putting a month in in 8.3 i completely understand your argument. but when you just ding 120 and can immediately farm 445 IL pieces that is good gear at the time. if you dont think so your just being willfully ignorant.


Or you don’t want to deal with pugging.

It’s not like you’ll be pulling 460+ gear out of visions right away with no researched talents. And blizzard is really light on 445 WQ emissaries.

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you only get 445 WQ if your already at that LVL lol timewalking gear gets you to that herp derp.


I think these are only 445 when your ilevel is high enough. I’m pretty sure they scale down as a fresh 120. Which means you might miss one of the few.

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