Weekly Timewalking Holidays Incoming!

This is cool and all but… Are yall planning on removing rewards or something?

Confirmed that SL will be delayed until December.

(JK)…I think

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Yea last couple of times I ran timewalking it felt like all the enemies were damage sponges. They really need to tone it back abit.


I do believe they did nerf it right at the end of our last WoD timewalking week.

Edit: Yup they did, the June 9th hotfixes.

"We have reduced the magnitude of the stat adjustment applied to players to compensate for their Corruption level.

Developers’ note: Timewalking is designed to largely be a gear-agnostic experience that allows players of different levels and stages of progression to group together. Since Legion, we’ve used stat adjustments to offset the unique power benefits from systems like Artifacts or Essences to try to keep power constant. We were being too aggressive in compensating for Corruption, and this was making Timewalking dungeons in Visions of N’Zoth more difficult than intended."

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It’s in addition to. The other bonuses on the schedule will run as usual.

Reputation bonuses apply to Timewalking dungeons for the expansion you’re taking part in.


Do we have a way of choosing which rep? Or will gain it for literally all of them at once?

That wouldn’t actually be a delay… but Dec is a no go, if it can’t be released til dec you won’t see it til mid Jan.

Timewalking dungeons are already boring. Been boring since they introduced it. This helps nothing.

Still don’t like pugging it, I usually am lost vs bosses and the only one I was was cata the last one. Some guy just trash talked me so much I just peaced out and remembered why I dislike doing any content now-a-days.

Ok, here is hoping the new tuning is on point, or it just becomes an epic slog of HP sponge mobs. Please don’t disappoint.


Timereaver you will be mine.


I love timewalking, I’ll enjoy these 5 weeks :smiley:


Can we expect player positive decisions like this going into and throughout Shadowlands? This is great and I’m not complaining about it but the past 3 expansions has had fun completely bottlenecked from start of the expansion until at least the .2 patch.


I really like this change. I was already going to be finishing off the BC reps that you can buy with tokens when it came out next week, but now I’ll go grind out a couple more that you have to do from killing mobs in BC. Probably do the same for at last some of the WoD stuff. But yeah, I hope they have the issues of tuning to compensate for corruption figured out by then.

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Ooh I’m excited!

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So no Beta till August? Gotcha!

Joke aside, it would be greatly appreciated if there could be a more in-depth explanation about how the reputation gains work? Which apply to on any given expansion, which don’t? Why do we have to get opaque answers to simple questions?


I agree 100%. I just checked and there are 21 reputations in Burning Crusade. Are we going to get reputation for all of them? Sounds like too much to me if we did.

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So five weeks of players complaining that TW dungeons are “overtuned” when they’re not?



They were… Blizzard even admitted to it and they had to tune them down. Pay attention before trolling.