Time to lvl classic VS TBC?

Wondering if anything changed in the time to lvl 1-60 from classic to TBC ? Did they reduce the amount needed for each level ? or is it the exact same ?

The XP per level needed is reduced from 11 to 60, though it starts off really tiny and becomes more significant starting at around level 20.

On top of that quests also give more XP from level 30 - 60.

On the whole most estimates place 1 - 60 in TBC being about 20-30% faster than it was in Classic between less XP needed, more XP gained from quests, and less travel time needed as a result of the XP changes meaning not needing to hit up almost every last quest.


20 to 60, minor error, but eh.

It’s actually level 11. I don’t know where 20 came from, but even the patch notes for 2.3 say “The amount of experience needed to gain a level has been decreased between levels 11 and 60”.

You can also see the actual XP charts here: https://wowpedia.fandom.com/wiki/Experience_to_level

Specifically the " Experience to level pre-Wrath" is the XP chart we jump to with the pre-patch.

Like I said though it starts off really tiny. Level 11 itself is a 1.1% or 100 total XP reduction.


From blizzard themselves, in the post talking about they said 20-60

I have to find the web archive link because it’s super old, but i’ll see if I can dig it up.

Here it is https://web.archive.org/web/20071012233703/http://forums.wow-europe.com/thread.html?topicId=1155755572&postId=11552515549&sid=1

Specifically says 20-60, right from blizz

Weird since the official patch notes said level 11, but either way I just tried copying my 16 Warlock to the TBC beta and it’s showing the exact reduction in XP needed from the table I linked to.

I need 16,000 XP to level on Classic and 15,000 on TBC Beta so the reduction is definitely lower than level 20.

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You’re not wrong, just checked myself and there was a small reduction a level 15

I mean, i guess they didn’t figure it was worth mentioning since it was so small and maybe brought down the nice 15% between 20 and 60? lol.

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It’s also worth mentioning getting mounts at level 30. Getting mounts sooner really will cut down on travel time.


very true, 10 more levels with riding is huge

TY all for the replies

Are the prices lower though? I still don’t have one but I think in Classic you need 100g, forgot level req.

Yes, it’s like 35g for training and 9.5g for a mount at lvl 30

Edit: I should also mention that epic riding is dropped to 600 gold with a 95 gold mount.


Thank you, great information!

Very useful info for me. Being an altoholic, in Classic I have every class at level 40 (but none at level 60). This helps me decide between CE and TBC. Not only do I expect more players on TBC servers, but leveling 40-60 is 20% faster.

Less XP to level.
Buffs to classes.
More quests.
Elite quests are now non-elite.
Mounts at 30.
More tanks for dungeons.

It’s really the definitive version of the 1-60 experience. If they just froze everything here; we would have been gold. But they decided to keep doing even more with each expansion. That’s when leveling started going down the toilet.

Probably more than that, quests give like 40% more xp and you need like 20% less xp

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