Tier sets have been picked for S4 how did your class end up?

I play BM and WW

BM S3 won which is decent

WW S1 won and i’m not sure how that one was bc I didn’t play WW S1

What’s everyone think about the ones that got picked? Clear winners and losers?

Destro lost big time.


If they really wanted to do this properly, they would have had separate pools for pve and pvp.


arms trashed again

Boomys is alright. 2set is meh but the 4pc is decent. It’s not the one I picked but it’s the better of the remaining two. I just really wish they’d stop doubling down on casting wrath or starfire for dmg. They’ll never be a main %.


S3 is better, yeah but 5% ms crit + 2.5% more damage after ms/execute is still pgood.

Spoke on this but it seems there is no interest in separating the 2 areas of play.


100% agree

Pvp goals do not overlap much with pve goals


I don’t think they even showed the bonuses, they just said pick season 1, 2 or 3 and barely got any votes.


All the SV sets were awful, so nothing gained or lost. :frowning:

sp slain by delusional fotm m+ only rats
disc slain by choreographed dragonslayers
holy probably won but no real human likes that spec

survival W (esp since this late we can have omega haste and mastery)

Demo W (replace doom with this mechanic already)
Destro W (portals are so cringe, casino roleplay zzzzzzz)
Aff is for lizardmen

I don’t play the other specs at all or enough to care

They nerfed s1 hard because in pve it was better than mythic season 2 tier, I PROMISE you it goes back to proc’ing free mongeese bites in s4 since it’s the chosen tier set.

Free fully stacked geese do a ton of dam yo

Delete this. :dracthyr_a1:

but you’re a fox


Got the Dev/Pres bonuses I wanted, and without actually knowing all the tier bonuses for the other specs I play it seems I got the one I wanted on most of the rest. The winner for Shadow and Arms seem meh, but the alternatives don’t seem much less meh.

Destruction feels like it got hard trolled, though I guess it’s not a bad thing to remove its ability to sustain as much damage without casting between Chaos Bolts. It’s a fun spec to pilot at the moment, but if they properly buff Incinerate and Immolate to compensate I could see it being even more fun.

Definitely one of the laziest things I’ve seen them do. They could have put just a bit of time into it and churned out something that felt fun, instead of being such an obvious placeholder for real content. Even if we still knew in our hearts that it was a way to squeeze out another season without the development of a full season, if they had promoted the voting a bit, had a nice graphic done up for each spec showcasing the different sets and bonuses, and then minimized the amount of possible tampering with the votes, it would have been easy to just be happy with it for what it was. Instead it’s impossible to ignore the reality.

Not the end of the world, but it really feels like a small team tasked to making this look professional could have finished it cover-to-cover within a single working day.


Nah it coulda been worse, s2 destro is HORRIBLE, s1 is bland but at least you run it. Also destro should have to bolt to deal damage don’t @ me

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None of Devoker’s tier sets are really great

But my least favorite won >_>

No disagreements here. Mainly I’m going to miss the aesthetic of all these curving bolts of demonic energy arcing towards my target when I spammed rifts at them. Add in some Chaos Bolts flying and I feel like a movie villain. I even have a twirling pitchfork!

flame rift destro is the most fun version of destro.

Only people that think its bad are impatient and just stagger their portals instead of sending all 3 at the same time with their double coil go,

I’m curious with crit nerfed and tier sets nerfed how they’re going to tune destro’s tier. I wonder if it’ll be noticeable at all. Sucks.