Tier sets have been picked for S4 how did your class end up?

next season im playing rocket launcher destro lock with full hate mastery and no rifts

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I wonder what they mean by this. I know some classes got S1 and a lot of those were nerfed going into S2 so will they revert the nerf only? Will they revert and buff them?

I didn’t start playing dev until the start of S2 so I never played with S1 tier but if the lust proc happened during flame breathe did it increase the initial damage or did it consider the lust active after the damage already happened.

S2 was lack luster but maybe with all the disintegrate buffs it won’t feel as bad.

Later tier sets are more powerful. Lots of people voting thinking “this one does more damage” or “this is what my spec was playing when it was better”.

Curious to see how much they buff vault sets.

Was the voting actually impactful? Or did they just go with what they decided

Maybe, but it’s slow. The problem is the lack of immediately available burst and the requirement to be in melee for the larger part of your damage. SV has had some really slow damage this expansion and with the reduced CC duration, it just makes it even hard to land kills. Also, unlike bombs, Mongoose can’t be used while disarmed and can be parried. That was one of the nice things about the other sets, not that I liked either of them.

Unparriable during aspect of the eagle

True, but long CD. :frowning:

Someone check for enh pls.

Ret got the doo doo S3 set sooooo…

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Tbf nothing looks good on male human.

Ret was sabotaged from the inside and got the s3 set. So another season of being a harmless blob of light with these baby hits and “dot” damage

S3 for enhance and ele

Honestly what I would have voted for.

they did purely destroyed the pvp for the season 4 now there no reason to do pvp because pve guys are much more reprensatation then the pvp so we are screwed

they will go what players decide and adjust the tier set for the impact but for us pvp player we are screwed

My DH definitely won
My Boomkin could have come out worse
My frost mage lost out (i dont run GS in pvp)
My Aff Lock came out OK
… Rogue, War, and hunter came out pretty decent as well, all things considered.