Tier set bonuses (SPOILERS)

Literally anything other than more damage modifiers.

Mm looks actually looks s tier from the set alone for pvp. It’s absurdly over the top.

With how bad ele tier is I almost want to just close eyes to glad with mm.

Pet stun see through owl and insane amounts of burst with wailing arrow setup

What’s with everybody wanting passive SS damage? Is surv so gcd locked that hitting SS every 15s or so is hard? Not understanding it.

Tbh I’d see a stacking crit chance on MF. A 5 stack MB should hit very hard and be worth being in melee range in pvp.


Mongoose bite is cancer. It’s so aggravating to have a single ability that is so important that you disregard everything to just hit it. It isn’t even fun. I prefer to sacrifice dps and avoid mongoose just so I can have more fun playing the game.


The second tier bonus is almost useless. Focus is never a problem by the time you have gear that high. I’d prefer to give Kill Command a 10% chance to cast Arcane Shot, which would go nicely with the “Quick Shot” talent.

Every DPS spec in the game has a 4pc set bonus that directly increases damage - via secondary stats, cooldown reduction, direct damage percentage, or crit chance to specific abilities. The exceptions are two Hunter specs.

  • Beast Mastery - (4) Set Bonus: Barbed Shot has a 50% chance to make your next Cobra Shot or Multi-Shot consume no focus.
  • Survival - (4) Set Bonus: Raptor Strike, Mongoose Strike, Carve, and Butchery have a 10% chance to make your next Raptor Strike, Mongoose Strike, Carve, or Butchery cost no Focus.

Neither spec is Focus starved, even with green gear on Beta, so these set bonuses are essentially no bonus at all. Even the MM 4pc seems underwhelming, as 10% chance on auto attacks seems like an awfully low PPM.

I’m hesitant to point this out, because the devs have a habit of responding to these criticisms in a certain way. Rather than change the 4pc bonuses, they would likely nerf resource generation to make them valuable.


Blizzard should just do away with % damage modifiers almost completely.

I disagree. MF is fun for me. Especially if 5 stacks hit hard. Tying shat loads of procs to kc resets is the most obnoxious, cancerous crap in the history of wow mechanics.

Mongoose Bite and Fury are wayyy too overpowered. They should change it so that each stack raises damage 8% for 12 seconds. That’s much more balanced!

MF is pure single target ability that forces you to ignore every other ability. Mongoose should work exactly like stormstrike that enhancement shamans have. Give it CD , make it hit hard, mastery should give chance so other focus spending abilities and dots have a chance to reset the CD and you would have a good talent.

And yet they still can compete with other classes ins ingle target. If anything else it should revive a buff to hit even harder.

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If your ignoring every other ability other than mb, i would think your doing it wrong. Things may have changed since I last paid any attention to pve but keeping up ss, wfb and kc are all important.

So your saying that, as is on beta, MF is tuned to high?

Yeah, this doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. BM should be something where your next KC does a little more damage or your pet’s next 3 attacks are crits or something along those line. SV could get a free, double-tap-esque “your MB (dont know why they list RS, everyone is going to take MB) or Butchery (same with this) have a chance to make your next MB or Butchery hit twice, second at [some lower percentage]”

My guess is this won’t be an issue with the 54,000 MBs you’ll be casting per minute in tandem with Viper’s Venom.

SS is automatically applied with mongoose bites. It has 40% chance, WFB are good but during burst windows you wanna put a cup or something on your mongoose key binds and just throw in few KC’s for focus generation

So one of the main problems seems to be the new VV taking SS out of the st rotation, making it be smash MB with little variance? Instead of finger dance it’s more of a button smasher?

I think what I liked about BfA st rotation (pvp atleast), there was some nuance in what press and when. Sometimes it wasn’t akways possible or right to try for a 5 stack MF. Sometimes you wanted to hold WfB or VV proc for after your MF window closed. DF version doesn’t sound all that close to it.

I’ve spent months discussing and hoping that this big revamp to classes/talent trees would finally make SV a solid, complete spec again but fudge me did they fail big time on that one!

So yes, i will just agree that the reasoning for simpler sets is ok but damn… The SV tier set it so bad its not even worth to get! Especially since tier pieces give mastery and that is an absurdly useless stat for SV. So yeah, SV sure as heck is DoA! Even more dead (if that is possible) than it already is.

Good work Blizzard. You managed to take the worst and least played spec in the game and kill it even more :joy: :man_facepalming:

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That is entirely a tuning issue. Mongoose Bite is one of the only things that makes SV’s rotation interesting.

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I mean if you consider rotation interesting by pressing just one button 90% of the time then more power to you

SV’s rotational strength is the interplay between its abilities, namely Mongoose Bite, Wildfire Infusion and Kill Command. If we’re stuck pressing MB 90% of the time, that’s a tuning issue.