Tides of Vengeance Update Notes

The full notes are available for the upcoming content update:


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I will, it is just hard to tell how much people see those vs the feed, heh.

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On a slightly related note, where would one normally find the official PTR patch notes? I’ve been looking at Wowhead when I was curious but I’m hoping there’s something around here that I’m just too stupid to find.

There seems to be quite a few things missing in the pvp section on the official notes(such as warrior pvp talent changes). Did they not make it through or are they just missing?

It’s too bad you can’t change the color of the thread title for Today’s New Stuffs!! It all blends together in the sticky area that nobody looks at cuz they read it already. I know you have it linked elsewhere - just some of us (at work) only look here (I personally never go to twitfacebook places).

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Neat. Now only if fallout would post their patch notes for tomorrow…

So many games patching tomorrow.

Ninja nerf to blood purgatory.

Enh shaman pvp talents nerf missing.

Potential typo: Blizzard shows up as a 1.5 second slow here (down from 15), which is what it was in earlier builds. It was changed to a 3 second a couple of builds ago. Unless reverted last minute

Absolute unit of a patch.

What happened to the Warlock pvp buffs that were mentioned a few months ago in a blog post? I don’t think 10% stam is going to do anything (and really could’ve been hotfixed in)

So these notes have to be incomplete right? There are multiple shadow changes from the PTR that are not posted in these notes.


Found a mistake with AV patch notes, Ivus and lokholar only hover in the field of strife for 10 minutes not 15.

The Hype is real. -checks time till Tuesday. Rubs hands eagerly-

“Darkmoon Faire quest-based skillups now apply automatically to the most recent expansion profession progress that is not at its maximum.”

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Keystone change sucks. Stop trying to force players into going through awfully balanced dungeons. Deleting keystones and trying to fish for better ones (which there is no guarantee of successfully happening btw) is a GOOD thing. It keeps people playing the game and allows them to do dungeons they ENJOY. Not the ones you are now trying to force down their throats.

Now, like everything else in this damn game, it’s just more RNG on whether or not you get a doable key.


“* Blizzard now applies a 50% snare for 1.5 seconds (was 50% snare for 15 seconds) and range increased to 40 yards (was 35 yards).”

Wasn’t this supposed to be buffed to 3 seconds from a previous PTR build?

Can blizzard tell us how much improvement we will see ?
“ * Integrated new multi-threaded performance optimizations for clients using DirectX 12 and Metal.”