Tides of Vengeance Update Notes

Lol, I swear there are changes missing in these notes that were on the PTR. I’ll guess we will have to wait for the Reddit post to find out everything that was changed.


Priests of all specs had a lot of aura changes that aren’t in the patch notes at all. For instance Holy had a 4% buff to all healing. Shadow definitely did not have a 5% nerf to all damage.

I guess we just have to wait and see what happens tomorrow.

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so…basically my only fun in WOW are bgs, since BFA really sucks but I have fun in bgs even if I have to wait 15 min to play one.
I really don’t understand the nerf for the Horde in Alterac Valley, probably it means nothing because we will adjust and still win (not that we win all the time anyways) but I wonder, why this change in the map? any tactical reason or just a employee who wanted to made this random change?

  • The relentless snow in Alterac Valley has raised the height of Stonehearth graveyard, making it more challenging for the Horde to assault.

Something not mention that might be useful info to know is what ilvl is needed for the new warfront?


Very easy to win altered valley these days . Go in the battle as alliance player .you can do it easily by talking to alliance npc standing at war hq in Zandalar

The horde has always held the tactical advantage in AV. The issue was that players generally want a fast paced easy honor game causing horde players to completely ignore their own advantages. Since the new changes implemented to NPC’s (scales with ilvl) the game has become longer and the horde has now taken advantage of their terrain features.

IBGY and Frostwolf keep both heavily outweigh the choke points that alliance have. As SHGY has two entrances, and Dun baladar has had a back door since vanilla. As a horde player I was 9/9 after taking a group of 15 to defend ibgy every game, the choke is the strongest in AV, and the alliance does not have a defensive point that comes near to the same strategical advantage that the choke provides for the horde.

What’s the point of removing dungeon groups from the LFG tool; why reduce functionality?

so, is Pathfinder 2 going to be released in 8.1? it’s hard to get around some of these places without Flying!


Whew lawd those Disc nerfs. Reaaadddyyyyy!

Looks terribly boring.

When your faction controls either Arathi Highlands or Darkshore, world quests will now be available in those zones, in place of the once-per-cycle kill quests that were previously offered for Arathi.

Overall looking forward to the new stuff, but kinda not thrilled about this, I gotta say. I like the current half a dozen quests that give a decently large reward and can be done once per cycle over more world quests that offer much smaller rewards because you’re expected to do more of them. Unless the rewards are the same, in which case, never mind. :slight_smile:


Looks like a solid patch, not really fixing most of the class related issues, but solid nonetheless.

I wish prot warrior had better rage generation; shield slam, thunder clap and damage taken doesn’t really help a lot considering IP and SB cost so much.

I don’t see a reference to the interdimensional pet portal … did it make it into the patch?

edit: panic averted, it is indeed live (found it on the pet vendor in Millstone Hamlet)

ah. i just assumed 320 which i got my warrior to just for tbat reason

Any new download patch that I need to download after initial 16 gb patch ?

Whew, Legion raid finder finally, I’ve got a druid mog to hunt.

More like “blizzard applied a 50% snare on resubs with bfa launch”

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Yeah ffxiv and swtor also

huh, must be international patch day. (at least FF14 doesn’t go down till 9 PM)