Ticket response

That’s not how a healthy business operates

You are welcome. But yes, for future reference - someone creates a thread and we try to help them or get them pointed in the right direction. This forum isn’t one to just come in to vent in multiple threads.

You could have posted a thread, inquiring why you received a response geared towards OW rather than WoW, and folks would have tried to explain and find out what your issue was, and we would have provided you the places to properly voice your ideas.

Still, I am sorry for what you and so many are going through on the Classic side, there just isn’t an easy fix, and while it doesn’t often seem like it - they are reading peoples’ posts and whatnot. I do wish you luck and shorter queues!


Much appreciated. Clearly I’m just heated and only on the Forums because i got put back in a 6500 Queue cause i decided to take my dog for a walk after i was already online


It’s not an issue that there is no one to respond to customer complaints/comments? ← I admit i should have posted a thread on the forums and not put in a full ticket… but regardless, every company - especially a multi billion dollar one - should have a strong customer service department focused on keeping their clients as happy as possible. Blizz does a good job with this on Forums from what i’m seeing now, but to say that it’s not an issue that there’s a lack of provided customer support for wtv minor issues seems off to me. Customer satisfaction should be a company’s priority.

Why’s it unacceptable for the only solution to 4hr queues is to transfer off? Because that should be 1 solution of many… not the only one. I brought this to a GM in error, i do realize this is not their focus and have no control over it. I still think there should be a way to express grievances. If I had an issue with Amazon, Apple, Samsung or wtv other major corp… i 100% guarantee you i can get someone on the phone. Why would this be different?

To what end? To let you know that it was already heard and that free transfers have been opened up to multiple servers over the past weeks? That’s already info that’s available.

They have a solution and you’re still not happy…so provide them with some constructive feedback in the right place (WotLK General forums) and it’ll get seen by the Community Managers who pass this sort of feedback along.

And there is. It’s via a constructive post about what other solutions you think they should implement.

My bet would be that since they’re not really game developers that you’re comparing apples to trout.

And no, I don’t believe that you’d get an Amazon website developer on the phone to explain to you why their website works the way it does. Or an Apple developer to discuss with you the reason their latest phone/watch/etc. works the way it does.

You’re asking a front-line staff to queue times and solutions that they’re not in charge of. I get that they provided you with info about a different game, but that just shows they’re human. GMs for Blizz handle all their games, not just WoW. While you feel that means this was automated, I believe that it shows human error, not automation.

This is a video game. You’ve already agreed via the EULA/Terms of Use, that you are only paying for access to servers when they’re available. There are no guarantees to any specific server or character.


I think you’re missing my point… or maybe I’m not presenting it well enough. The end that I’m looking for is that I get a response from a Blizzard employee about my question. I shouldn’t have to scrounge for the information myself if I choose not to. I know that sounds childish… but honestly they make enough money that they can hire 1000+ more customer service reps and still have massive profits for the quarter. In general, it certainly feels that there’s been a move away from customer experience and towards a more profit-focused approach. We will continue playing the game regardless of what problems arise, and it feels that Blizzard knows that, so why spend money on new infrastructure or hire 100s of more employees to improve the players’ experience (even if that is just someone to hear your problems and let you vent). The community does an amazing job at providing that for Blizzard (as you are right now - thank you). But, that’s not your job. WE pay THEM for that.

I don’t blame the GMs at all - i’m sure they have so much stuff they have to deal with, and I don’t envy them. But, after reading through

…it’s pretty clear that their stance is that there is no fix to the Queue problem with any hardware or software upgrades. I simply don’t believe that and that’s exactly what i would tell the customer service rep on the phone - not rudely, but just to let them know I don’t believe that there is no fix. I think that’s where we diverge… i would like to tell them directly - not the community - my discontent. I shouldn’t have to post that publicly. It’s not the community’s job… it’s the corporation’s

To be frank, no. You pay for server access, nothing more, nothing less.

Or that the wrong template response was sent by mistake. Not everything that irritates, frustrates or disappoints you need be attributed to malice or indifference. Sometimes, humans just make mistakes.


Yeah it is. As a home owner people pay me to live in my house as I am the owner.

That doesn’t make you their ‘better’. Your boss pays you, too. Explain to him how you are his ‘better.’


You realize there are many companies that you might pay money to that have no customer service at all. You have an issue in Final Fantasy, they wont talk with you or offer any service. You get banned wrongly, then tough because they do not even let you appeal.


I’m going to be frank, throwing a fit on the forums isn’t going to get what you want. Nor would making things up will build your case as you have literally no idea how much that would cost them, nor what any given quarter would give for any given year.

Any place has it limits and no amount of money will fix every little issue. Like the old saying goes “You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all the people all of the time.”

They’re not going to hire folks for people to call up and yell at. They’re not going to have people whom just sit around and talk to people when they have no power to fix anything. IT’s cuase more issues then it’d fix.

You pay them to play the server, not to yell at people because you feel like you’re entitled to. No amount of money entitled you to treat folks however you want, nor telling them how to field issues. The very fact you think they can just hire folks out of the blue and be fine is rather telling.

To be frank, this is kind of thing why they don’t allow random folks to call in and talk to workers, more so when they think they can just fix an issue because they think they’re better at it. If you think you can do better, you can always apply to work there.


Right. And if they have an issue with your house they bring it it to you and you fix it. If they get hurt because the house doesn’t meet a certain code, they can hold you liable. Idk how relevant that example is since there’s no set standards (like a Building Code)… but let’s just roll with it.

P.S - thanks for the responses… glad that the community is healthy and active. Sorry if i’m being obnoxious… but, this is making the Queue go by so much faster

If you hit ESC while ingame and go to the help menu, there is a form for feedback and suggestions that gets routed directly to the Devs.


Right… that’s another example of a company that has limited/no customer support because they don’t care about their customers since they will continue to play their game regardless of how they treat you… that proves my point. We (as gamers) shouldn’t allow for that…

As a business owner… my focus is to keep my Staff happy… even if i can’t honor their requests all the time I will 100% allow them all the time they want to bring up any issues they want. That’s a bad comparison…

I think my customers/owner is a better one. If any of my customers have complaints/concerns it is entirely on me to hear them out and make them feel valued.

Ya but does that actually get a response (or a timely one)… or is that just something in the game just to placate people.

To what end? What is a front line rep supposed to do with that? To be honest, your disbelief is irrelevant. If Blizzard is running state-of-the-art hardware, what is there to upgrade? “I don’t believe that Blizzard is using the best hardware.” Okay, I guess.

As far as their being more solutions to overcrowding than just transfers… The public transit authority has the best buses. Your route is crowded and busy. The solution is to add more buses, not re-engineer mass transit from the ground up.


Who’s yelling? No one is telling them what to do. If you think that ANY concern is reason for them to turn their phones off… I think we just live on different planets. I think the fact that Microsoft is trying to buy Blizz for $68B proves they are a very profitable company. And i think the fact that there are so many unhappy players proves that Blizz dropped the ball with customer satisfaction.

In my opinion, any corporation should be focused on customer retention. The problem here is that Blizz will retain customers regardless if they are happy with the company. I think you excusing their poor customer support helps them to focus solely on their bottom line, and not serve the community that has made them so wealthy…

Suggestion boxes are rarely a two-way communication. What do you expect them to discuss with you? You submit your suggestion, explain it, they take it under advisement. If they think it’s a good idea and worth implementing, they do that. If not, they don’t.


I’m not a SE… i don’t know the technical details on what they can or can’t do… i simply don’t believe that there is nothing. However, I’m sure if they dropped tens of millions of dollars on it, it certainly wouldn’t make servers worse. Why would they though… it’s pretty clear most people here are ok with the Queues - or at least OK with they’re solutions. I’m not. I think people are missing my point… i’m not trying to complain to you… I’m trying to complain to the company I pay monthly. Even if it is just to vent with no clear goals… that’s fine. The company should be set up to take in customer feedback directly and respond to it in a timely fashion. If there’s not enough customer service reps… the company should hire more. Not complicated… i just want to support a company that is focused on customer satisfaction