Ticket response time is kind of disappointing

Hi there, I’ve had a ticket open for about 4 days now, is there any way someone can get back to me about merging bnet accounts? There is no live chat feature or number to call so it’s kind of sad when you need to wait this long to hear back from a human…


If you’re just looking for general information on if they can, or what would get merged, there’s an article for that.

The drop-down on that article will give you specifics on what will be able to be merged and what will not make the move over to a different Battle.net

If you want specifics, you’ll likely have to wait on your ticket, though an SFA might be able to chime in with some details when they get into the office for the day.


Just understand that there is no such process to merge 2 battle.net accounts together.

Blizzard can help with moving individual WoW accounts from one battle.net email to another, but anything account-bound on the WoW account that is being moved, will remain behind on the original battle.net

To move a WoW account, both accounts must be in your name an it requires the help from a GM.

Ticket times are closer to 6-8 days or so currently, but they are indeed working on them as quickly as possible.


ahh ok thanks for the clarification and that’s kind of what I meant I have a wow account on one battle net and I want to move it to my other battle net, both are in my name. I’m trying to take advantage of sending tomes of cold weather flying to my other alts that aren’t 80 yet.

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