Thwarting the Twins

Thank you for this information most guides seemed to gloss over potential trinkets.

This long version of virtually ignoring Raest when he is attackable in between phases the first two times must work as I got much farther than anytime previously. I didn’t stop a hand correctly and things spun out of control but weirdly I had a Thing spawn and despawn without killing me.

Congratz! and yeah that is the absolute safest way possible to do the fight, zero risks taken. But it works so who cares :stuck_out_tongue:

Watch someone on yt do it. No one here can give you good advice its better to see a pov from a kill.

Still nausea inducing.

I’m just glad I got it done. It was bugging the crap out of me

Any shadow priests who could chime in, what were your stats when you are scaled down?

25% haste
13% crit
11.6% mastery
4?% versa

380 Int

Flasked in SL gear with occular gland trinket

I did it again today while I was testing something if you want the video it’s here.

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Thank for the comparisson.
In my SL stuff
31% Haste
17% Crit
9% Mastery
1% Vers
349 Int (while flasked)

The goofy old TW gear gemed set
36% Haste
25% Crit
8% Mastery
no Vers
349 Int again.
15% speed

31 int feels like a lot. I’m running 2 main stat int trinkets while you’ve only got one. Is that really a 31 difference? It can’t be.

Otherwise my stats felt fairly garbage for this challenge in SL gear. Im even missing 2 sockets because I’m wearing Dom items and the shards don’t work.

I have a bunch of trinkets I was trying to swap around. Two I can swap in for 14 each popping me to 384 int with an augment rune.
That did push me further.

Kill him and just range the other brother while dotting him up and killing slow. Kill ads, profit.

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Oh I get it, I just can’t kill Karam in the last phase fast enough to get to the hokey pokey part

Are you trying to kill him too fast, standing still and getting punted? Or not able to kill hands in time, or missing a soak or what?

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First hand I can kill, soak is usually fine though if I mechanically slip up there oh well. I usually get a second hand which I try to silence by which point karam is starting to get too friendly. I also usually have some straggler larger shadowfiend mobs which are very low but I feel like I should be getting rid of before this. As I understand it if Karam dies the hands stop spawning.

Ignore them til after Karam is dead. Just pop your CDs on Karam, nuke the first hand with silence and then keep nuking Karam. The hands despawn when Karam dies, so you can 100% beat the second hand cast by just nuking him, and even if you can’t you can disperse the end of the cast and definitely kill him before it casts again.

From there run to the safe spot and cleave down all the adds that spawned in p5.

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That I did not know. I misunderstood thinking they stopped spawning but whatever was still up would continue casting. Oh well makes no difference still cant down him fast enough at the end.

Well would you look at that. The strategy that was taking advantage of Raest just standing still was an obvious exploit. What a shock. I’m sure the crowd against nerfs who completed Twins are thoroughly upset that they “unknowingly” exploited a bug. What a pity.

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Boss is overtuned Thwarting the Twins: Raest Magespear

Oh well back to square one.