WoW Hotfixes – Updated February 15

If that’s the way they wanna play, then I’m glad I canceled my sub over the horrendous initial implementation as it stands, if I come back when my time runs out or not, we’ll see but, gettin’ tired of lovin’ a world only for it to be constantly treated like a way to abuse my love of it.

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Well i can not log into game at the moment (World server is down) to go to the mage tower to check the gem scaling but i can bet that the gems will not scale to +4 intellect like the +4 intellect Cata gems i had before i farmed out the Timeless Tanzanite that were +5int and +6stam AND SOLD ALL MY CATA +4 gems to have the mage tower up for a week before you nerfed the gems and now the Cata gems are worth twice as much to replace, IS WARCRAFT GOING TO REPLACE these gems or going to clearly reply on this form that they no longer believe in fair game play?

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Idk fam, but I’m wondering if it might be better off to let this one go, else they decide to send all the Warriors/Paladins/Death Knights to the AH and Dragon Soul for new gems in the next “hotfix”.

Just kinda blows how some of us had these things drop during timewalk runs for what feels like forever, only to need to replace in the middle of an e-peen event.


What a joke.


SO…Wow did some sort of update today, but no update/hotfix notes

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Hello everyone! Here are today’s hotfix notes:

DECEMBER 15, 2021

Dungeons and Raids

  • Timewalking
    • Mage Tower
      • The Highlord’s Return
        • Blood Death Knight, Vengeance Demon Hunter, and Guardian Druid
          • Nether Storm no longer recasts immediately after being silenced or interrupted.
        • Guardian Druid
          • Reduced the size of Inquisitor Variss’ Aura of Decay by 0.5 yards.
      • Thwarting the Twins
        • Fixed an issue where players could get out of range of Raest Magespear’s spells. Raest Magespear’s damage bonus when Karam Magespear is defeated first has been reduced to compensate for the change.
        • Fixed an issue that caused enemies summoned during the encounter to despawn prematurely.

Player versus Player

  • Fixed an issue that caused Spoils of War (increased Honor and Conquest gain) to be removed from the player on death.

WoW Classic Era and Season of Mastery

  • Hallowed Brazier can once again be purchased on Classic Era realms.
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Booooooooo. Let us play the game how we want!

How out of touch are you guys with your players, really?

You have hundreds, if not thousands of threads from people telling you the Mage Tower is overtuned.

Maybe a couple dozen people saying it’s fine because they want to be special snowflakes.

And yet you still haven’t done a blanket nerf. Despite people with VIDEO EVIDENCE that the Mage Tower is vastly overtuned to even tomb of sargeras mage tower.

The Guardian “nerf” you just did is laughable. Oh no, we don’t have to jump to hit the boss with thrash anymore.

Meanwhile, prot paladins can stand in the aura, get to 10 stacks of his debuff, kill all 4 arcane adds, and not die. Meanwhile, druids are lucky if we manage to kill all 4 adds without an old trinket, and we can sustain maybe 3 stacks of the aura before the loss of health became lethal. (literally a video posted on the forums this morning of a paladin missing 9 pieces of gear doing just this, and STILL doing more dps than a druid can on that fight)


Still no real nerfs to mage tower. What a shame. Those devs are so out of touch. Fix this mess already…


i… im assuming this is 1 yard diameter nerf and a 0.5 yards radius? :thinking:

assuming i still know how to do math. :memo:

or is it a 0.5 yard diameter nerf and a .25 yards radius nerf.:straight_ruler: :triangular_ruler:

Just a heads up, this Raest “fix” actually throws a lot of things out of whack. Even when within range he dashing right towards you and essentially moves everything with him. It’s borderline unplayable.

What did you guys do…


Aura’s are calced as radius, so an aura with a range of say 5 yards would reach out in 5 yards every direction from the player, not, it’s 5 yards overall and the player is at the center

Wow hilarious.

hmm. not sure how accurate this is but with a 3 yard extra range with boomy affinity, its basically 3 steps. 1 yard = 1 step. does that mean 0.5 is a half step?

and second, is it possible his range is locked to his aura range on the back end making it to where he now needs to get closer by .5 yards?

not saying thats what its doing, havent tested it since reset, just seems like an odd change that could cause unforeseen side effects imo. not sure what the goal of the change is. :thinking:

His aura is shorter than his range, the ‘old’ range on that aura was about 67-75% of his cast range based on my experience.

On the ‘half step’ thing, it’s more a step and a half any way you aproach him, because again, the way auras work is…AH imagine it like some one holding a camping lantern, that ‘lantern’ is the source of the aura of light that lets you see, so if you reduce how far it spreads from the lanter, by .5 yards, that means the diameter of the sphere it creates has now been reduced by 1 yard, but the radius is only reduced by .5 yards

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Raest’s enrage got a buff if anything. He still does 500% damage and moves 150% faster now. Are you trying to make this completely impossible? Come ON!

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This! With him moving now, it throws EVERYTHING out of whack, he spawned a ritual thing in the middle of the cages where I couldn’t get to. What is going on at Blizzard HQ? Seriously? Completely out of touch with its player base.


It’s complete trash. Glad all the turbo nerds who used what was apparently an exploit got it done in the first week. Awesome job.


My main issue with it is that Raest has 3 times the health he had in Legion. WHY?! now the encounter is just completely screwed with this recent hotfix and undoable.


Bingo card and shots ready for the tryhards’ tired arrguments. Stamp or drink when you read:

  • Every spec has done it so it’s fine.
  • It’s been done in SL gear.
  • It’s a challenge not everyone is supposed to be able to complete it.
  • Anyone and everyone can complete it if they just follow the available videos.
  • It diminishes the accomplishments of others if changes are made.