Thunderlord OG Vanillas

its been 5 years..... just logged back in this week and man, this game has changed.

Fun to see all these old names, good times!
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I'm a BC-prepatch baby. :(
I was actually just talking about the days on Thunderlord with some buddies. We're all over now, but were all in The Warstomp Clan for a while. Ran PvP a lot and left pretty early on into BC. Any historian around that can tell me what happened to that guild? Any major players still on server?
07/16/2018 08:06 PMPosted by Flowerpot

I remember you being the only dwarf female I ever saw
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I remember Flowerpot.
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Pyrownage (human warrior) here if any of you old school PvP'ers remember. We used to push for GM constantly against No Contest and Pink Pony. My guild at the time was the "Goat Clan" and some of us pvpers left and made SBR (Short Bus Raiders). I remember No Contest being some of the best battles in WSG and taking way too damn long because sometimes we would grief each other and drag out the games, but fun nonetheless. Sometimes we would group with Jewelz and the likes of Applemask when teams were getting short.

Snotrag was by far the most annoying/skilled shadow priest on the server. I was 15-16 years old at the time and remember referring to you as Snow Trag. After being corrected that it was snot rag I didn't care, you were and always will be Snow Trag.

I also remember the name Pheq. Probably because you were one of the few rogues to be feared as a warrior. Cool to see some of you guys still around. And Flowerpot your character was the most disturbing thing ever. GG
I was Minotaur in the Guild "No Contest" if anyone remembers me.
This was an undead mage named Dethus at one point.
I am from Vanilla Thunderlord originally. I didn't know lots of people but I knew Healzy and Fallhunter. I don't think I have seen Healzy since Vanilla and Fallhunter since BC.

I left mid BC to play Horde with RL friends on Rivendare. Stayed there after they left until late Lich King to play Alliance again on Balnazzar with another RL friend.

I found Balnazzar boring so I left to start from scratch for a fourth time on Illidan, a massively populated Horde server.

In Legion I started playing my long lost Thunderlord toons again to complete "It's been an epic campaign" and decided to stay.

I even have transferred 3 characters over here from Balnazzar.

Back home sweet home again on Thunderlord.

I was in "Pirates of the Lost Sea" and then then they took me to join another guild that raided a lot after the GM quit, but I wasn't an epic raider. I found later on I am far more talented on the Druid than I am on the mage, though I still like my mage.
I played Vanilla. Founding member of Soldiers of Light (WoW chapter).
I left when MoP came out. Recently resubscribed and was delighted when Flowerpot logged on.

Most of my guild changed faction to Horde and now are in Shattered.
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Vanilla and BC, I was McGruder, resto shaman, mostly smaller guilds until BC, Legion of Darkness as they absorbed Nightfall when Nightfall disbanded
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Most of my guild changed faction to Horde and now are in Shattered.

You should follow them :P
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Some of us old people are still around, just don't play the live game much anymore.

LOL seeing a Flowerpot post on here triggered some hardcore nostalgia. I was Churm, a shaman, just a kid back then. My favorite guilds were Pink Pony and Vae Victus, those Vae Victus dudes were some hilarious goons.

Anyone know what happened to Findecano’s formerly-stickied “History of Thunderlord” post? That was really cool, I always liked going back to it once or twice a year to reflect on the good ole days.

Im Probably not remembered by many however i still play. Mainly solo.
(My Vanilla name was Darkmon)

Vex is still around, a shard of Soldiers of Light.

But i too miss any of those from BC. When the server was still PvP, when the battle for Ogrilia in Negrand was fun.

Halaa, but yeah. Crashing the server.

Wait who are you in Shattered? :joy:

People still play on this server?