Thunderhorn Classic WoW Roll Call!

Hey all!

Anyone of the Thunderhorn WoW Vanilla players coming back for WoW Classic?

I played Troll Warrior named Thorox, was in Platinum for the longest time.


Blader, Night Elf Druid… >_> Was in Zen and a few other guilds at the time. Definitely will be playing in classic.

Reaps , Dwarf Pally. Led Destined for a long time. Was a bit of an immature guy back then. A bit is probably an understatement.


LOL understatement of the year.

Aaaaaaaaayyyyy. Been around since the dawn of time.

It’s been a looong time, but I’m back to re-live classic.

Paqutar / Troll Priest
Khryton / Tauren Warrior

Guild: Platinum

Hi Thorox :slight_smile:

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Zora checking in and ready for classic! Haven’t played in a long while, but hoping to reconnect with some old Platinum buddies and have fun reliving old times!

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Ugnok reporting in. Getting ready for Classic and lolhonorcap version 2.0!

Dorgy in da house

Shinao / NE Priest
Oath then Resilience and Paranoid.

I(Lekgolo) joined shortly after you left, I was high school buddies with Cynthere(Huntard) I think that’s what his name was in destined he changed it so many times. Also, I’m still in contact with Ashin and Koeppen. All of whom still laugh about you yelling at people in raids.

Lolly (Knights of Dalaran)
1st character. Started in 2005.

Deamons, old rogue back in knights of dalaran I calling out old members Axiss the old guild mom and LARGREAT My bestest friend and one of my old old friends if he does come back SERIFAS

Acaron Human Rogue Oath I’ll be horde mage Vett on Pagle

Aggravator - Paladin Legacy, Oath, I think i was Destined at one point if not just wowemu was.

Gimborlein dwarf warrior and Morgandy dwarf priest from Oath - where is everyone at Prowl, Paramedic … so many name i forgot from so long ago.

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I am on Kirtonos along with my brother, Abeyancy. Zontaz is also here. We were all in Lobster Brood.


I lurk but I have yet to come back Kukl/Malloryknox/Maggotha etc I just feel like the sense of community is gone now and I yearn for a time when you actually knew people on your server so I have been playing a classic+ server.