Thunderhorn Alliance Reconnections

Freshg - NE Rogue
Legendary Few was only guild , pvped a lot


Caitlin - Human Warrior
Brewmasters of Doom, Ancient Legion, Chromatic Dissonance


Papaskins-NE Boomkin
Any old Ricos Roughnecks besides me and Bluerays still around?

Pak - Night Elf Warrior!

i can hardly remember the guild I was in. Except I remember some people like my old raid leader Spriggan, and Dimak the rogue who got the AQ opening mount. So long ago

  • Windcloud, Night Elf Warrior.
  • Ancient Legion, Devinus, and possibly a few other I can’t remember.
  • Thedaylight, Vanthos, Damil, Sylent, Domgregory, and Westian.

Lekgolo Dwarf Paladin

Destined, To’s Inner City Gym, Havok

Where my boys To, Jaysonian, Valsheru, Alessandro, Malathis, Darthalis, Caterwail, Kwanza, Fade, and the OG guild mom the wonderful Lorianna at? Come out come out what ever rocks y’all been hiding under.

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Name kinda sounds familiar, just can’t put a finger on it :see_no_evil:

Clegan - Dwarf Warrior

Main Tank for most of Molten Lair and Onyxia, followed by DPS Warrior BWL and on.

Tutonik, Dwarf Paladin
NBC - New Blood Covenant
Raina, Skeif, Iona, Abzeir, Argonthered,

Main: Instinct - Human paladin
Alts: Samian - Human rogue & Tinydamage - Gnome mage

Guild: Sanctify

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Pauly (Night Elf Druid)
Guilds: TB Kids Club and then Radiant Dawn before most took the transfer to Zangarmarsh

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  • Dilitblom - Human Paladin

  • Ricos Roughnecks

  • Son of the Human Warlock Polkadot - come say hey ^^

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  • Athenia, Human Warrior (No, not the one who was a marshal)

  • Divinus. I was there until they started Naxx.


Tallinor/Talliknight (Human Rogue (Death Knight later))
Tactical Gamer
I’m TG-Luna’s son, so anyone who might remember Luna or myself!

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Chadd Night Elf Druid
Wrecked Human Warrior

Guilds i was in Oath for MC and BWL, Legendary Few
had alot of interactions with people from destined and later havoc


Draft (the worst hunter known to man) and Sice (warlock - most points of DKP known to man) remember you!

Draft - NE Hunter
Divinus. Got carried hard. Where is my boy Reolas at?! Going to need help getting my Rhok’delar again!!!

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Descimus, Human, Warrior
Elbandage, Dwarf, Priest
Guild. The Hand
Lightpaw, only guildie name I remember.

I’m still friends with Sice on facebook, though we never really talk. lol

Hey all.

Before switching to this DK in WotLK and joining Fallout, In all of Classic and Burning Crusade, I was a hunter by the name of Trigrhappi. Ran with Blades of Honor in classic, Adamant in BC. And if you’re reading this Lacear, you still have no finesse.

Aside from Lacear (who still has no finesse), I remember a bunch of BoH guildies…Scal, Grah, Akilies, Quam, Farlen, and Tails. Our guild leader at the time was named Deadpool…clearly ahead of his time.