Thoughts on November's Trading Post bonus reward?

Personally I think is it VERY underwhelming, especially considering what we have gotten in previous months.
The weapon variety is definitely lacking to say the least.


I’m mostly just waiting to see how they look in game.

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My thoughts as well. A lot of effects are lost in screenshots.

But if what we see in the post is what we get…then I agree with the OP.

Yeah. Based on the pic they provided us with, there appears to be some sort of glow, but a lot of the time screenshots rarely do anything justice.

They seem fine. :dracthyr_a1: I wanna try them on in-game.

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That’s about my only gripe about the weapon arsenal, same issue I had with those Elune themed swords (used em on alts but stopped playing on them after awhile). Cool for classes/specs that’ll be able to use them, not so much for someone who primarily uses a bow :dracthyr_shrug:


Not a fan. The sets are incomplete. Low poly old exclusive-ish mounts. Lots of rough looking stuff, like the sword and bow. Coolest thing is the raven staff. Monthly reward is also recolor of the titan style daggers, I believe. Mostly just not my style I guess.

The sets are incomplete for sure though.

I’m kind of hoping that sword is a 2h, but doubtful especially how small it is.

Yea, I don’t know why they can’t do one of each weapon type. Cool we have a sword, why no shield to match? We know titans like guns, why don’t we have a gun for ranged users?

Definitely raises questions. Hopefully that means we’ll get the rest in future content. :dracthyr_shrug:


its a one hander. the smaller ones are daggers

Probably scrapped concepts or something. Or cut content. The DK set looked straight out of Maldraxxus.

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I figured. Yay more daggers :sob:

Honestly that was my thoughts. It looks like something that belongs in bfa with the azerite jewel in the hilt.

yea and theyre cosmic, bfa was a cosmic expansion
honestly though the staff looks cool, might look good on shadow priest

I don’t know about that. Legion was more cosmic, but they just look out of place.
It’s like a mix of titan + oribos with the azerite gems. It’s super wonky lol.

Oh definitely. My problem with staves is its hard to get away from stuff like the legion artifacts. Especially if you have the more advanced appearances or lego staves and such. I can’t not use my dragonwrath on most of my casters.

shadow priest was just a dagger and a book though and all the looks were pretty whack for xalatath

I mean, they look pretty crap to me, but they’re free so I’m not going to complain :woman_shrugging:

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The shattered xalatath was pretty cool. Currently I use holy staves on my spriests. The pvp holy staff looks crazy in shadowform.
Or frostscythe is also another go to of mine.

This is my current spriest I’m working on if you want an example of what I mean about the pvp holy staff :stuck_out_tongue:

Fine with me. I’ll probably put them on once, look at them, and never touch them again.

Just like every trading post reward.

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Truth :sob:
The pets and mounts thus far have been +1’s.
The only thing I use is that blood tmog set we got a few months back and only the chest for the red tattoos.

It seems like there’s inflation going on with the Trading Post. It looks like the most expensive month yet.

Maybe they’re going to give out Tender as a preorder bonus that you get immediately from the digital versions of the next expansion? The total cost of all November’s items is 9,125 Tender if I counted it correctly.