Thoughts on November's Trading Post bonus reward?

Not buying a class “set” since it’s just three items and who knows if they’ll match anything else in a coherent manner.

The monk weapons are cool. Other than that and the Zevra, not sure what else I’ll be buying.

F-. Also known as a Boring Minus. Not good. Should always be a mount or pet.

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Meh gonna skip it except for the warlock armor stuff.

Gives me a chance to gather up some more traders tendies for another month

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Yeah the bonus stuff is meh.
Now looking at the new sets for classes I’m wondering why druids looked like such crap :frowning:

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I think that monk set would match the green and brown set from throne of thunder raid I think it was.

I’m actually HAPPY that there’s very little I want this month.
It will let me collect more Tender for next month or the month after that when a few somethings I really want might show up.

I was surprised to see a previous Recruit-a-Friend reward. So between that and the Bow, not much else I’m interested in.

Its free. Who cares?

Overall not really a fan of most of the TP stuff this time around. I prefer filling a bar for a mount or a neat outfit like the jester costume. I’ll still do it for the tenders though. I’ll likely only get the monk gear this time around…just not that impressed, which is fine. I don’t stress over the TP myself, and I already have all 3 mounts which is normally what I get excited for.

From my point of view…

I get an Atiesh styled staff.

A really cool hat.

A Warlock armor set.

A Warlock weapon set.

For me this is a great month.

The completion reward is probably underwhelming, and I’d agree there, but everything else is fantastic.

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Similar to the nature daggers we got one month previously this one is the same lackluster month, I only plan to buy the mount for collection reasons. I do not plan to buy anything else though.

They are some free mogs I will get for doing things, I would normally do anyway.

Thats about as hype I will be getting for this months rewards…

Now the broom mount for october? I definitely shipped that the first day.

Is there a cap on tendies? I have 950 right now. And the 3 piece “sets” have been completely underwhelming. Maybe if full sets were given, maybe.

The only things that look interesting are the alliance mount. Especially if a BM hunter and 2 of the gryphon pets. Otherwise, for me, only interested in the hat vs farming 250 boulders

this is the perfect month to hoad your cash since this month’s is a fail. who knows the next month something could be pricey n cool but now you got the tends for it.

Eh. The dagger is…okay. Not amazing, but okay. There is a small glow effect to them though like I thought. Guessing the sword will be the same way. Hopefully the staff has some sort of glow because that’s the best one out of the set, in my opinion.

The people who are really tracking the TP system design have made similar observations about previous months, and then they are offering tendies through various promotions. Pretty sure if you chart it out you’ll just see a gradual price incline.

So likely yes and expect it to continue, although I would assume it to plateau at some point.

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Bad news is not much for me to buy…

Good news I’m saving up for next month!


This whole month is pretty disappointing, to be honest. The only things I’ll be getting is the Krokul spear and the cloaks. Maybe the warlock weapons.

I like the simple items. WoW needs more “normal” looking weapons/armor/clothing mogs that look like they were made after 2010.

I’ll be picking up the hood/scarf/cloak sets, the Niffen hat, October’s frozen Druid weapons, the Fel staff, and maybe the machete.

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Tbh same. Because this month I splurged a lot xD

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