Thought we were gettign our keyring today

It was stated we would get the keyring. Was this also pushed back till Thursday?

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Oh that’s the single most valuable QOL thing that they could add. I can’t wait for the key ring.

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Considering they pushed Phase 2 to the 14th, I would say that’s when the keyring will be implemented

Going to be funny when people start complaining they didn’t get the key ring.

They have only mentioned Honor and World Bosses Thursday, it’s foolish to expect more…

… They said it was coming out in the first patch.

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They said Phase 2 would start the “week of Nov. 12”, not “ON Nov 12”.

I care more about the damn keyring than any of the other P2 stuff.

Bring on the PVP! Bring on the world bosses! Fine… But I want my bag slots back!




Reading is hard for some, huh?


This didn’t age well, apparently a phase is not a patch either… It’s kind of funny at this point how they miss the pulse in such easy communication points with the community.

This is no longer “you misinterpreted what we said”, if an entire phase with world PvP and functional honour systems is not a “patch”, they’re not even using the word like the rest of the world does anymore.

I’m beginning to think they hired the person from that scam private TBC server that kept saying “GMT+1” for launch time.

Imagine expecting major content updates bringing new features and new pve raid bosses being considered a patch- y’know, like they have been for the last 15 years.

What fools we’ve been for expecting consistency from Blizzard.

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