This Week in WoW: September 18, 2023

This Week in WoW: September 18, 2023

Each week we’ll look ahead to what’s in store for World of Warcraft, share the latest news, and keep you in the know byte by byte. The icy winds of Icecrown Citadel will sweep the lands of Northrend beginning the week of October 10. Will you and your allies have what it takes to face the Lich King in his stronghold?

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Ooh, RDF in classic. Nice. I’ll level up my rogue.

Will people call defense protocal gamma H+++ or are we going to get smart about it and just call it H3?

Dungeon Finder is nice , not gonna miss all the spam for groups, i cant believe some people find that fun


Arthas would like to experience the icy winds of Icecrown Citadel again …

…but he can’t, because you turned him into tiny, scintillating shards Blizzard!


Raid will be over in 1hr and full on gdkp runs

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Now I can level my warlock but I have a feeling this will turn to GDK again where people who gold will just buy out all the loot while rich guild gets richer and casual like myself won’t get any loot = can’t do higher content =- stuck in major cities doing nothing…


Lol, no. They’re calling it H+++.

For me, classic is primarily a leveling game. I get to 80 and then do it again, essentially. There’s no zone scaling, you get stronger as you level and the mobs get easier to kill as you level up, which makes it easier to level up, and so on. It’s fun for me. You can help others (but your high level kills their xp though which sucks, thanks boosters). The zones usually let you pull 8-15 mobs at a time so there’s always a challenge if you want one. Although the graphics quality is worse, it can be quite immersive. The endgame is the equivalent of a bunch of people gatekeeping an M+4 so I don’t care to do that much. Lol

This is it. This is what everyone in Wrath Classic was looking forward too! RDF, Heroic ICC dungeons, ICC, and more to once again relive the glory days.

Are you ready to once again face down the Lich King?


Worse, they turned him into a poof of smoke and blew him away. Then turned his iconic helm into a Burger King crown. Someone really, REALLY wanted to burn that bridge.

Fortunately, being Warcraft’s undisputed KING OF UNDEATH should make it fairly easy to bring him back, even with all the damage done. If any being in WoW’s universe could come back from being double-ultra-mega-for-realsies-dead, it’d be him.


That’s an oxymoron.

Release a Digital Wallpaper Package for WoW’s anniversary.

can’t wait to finally afk and lvl my mage with the added bonus of jj lol gonna be a good time

When is the arena season ending?

Probably just gamma Dung. It’ll be RDF so you don’t have to recruit for it in trade unless you just want to recruit locally.

Wrath sort of Classic?

Has the Classic Andy Brigade shown up to protest the Random Dungeon Finder yet?

Flying, purchaseable boosts/mounts, ally shaman/horde pallys, eSports, same-faction battlegrounds, ‘hero’ classes, and let’s not forget WoW Token = it’s retail baby. Neither it nor TBC are Classic.

so who wants to dungeon gring to victory with me in classic?! i wanna level up all my toos that are waiting on my friends to log back in, they are definitely coming back? right!?.. please?.. anyone?.. hello echo echo echo

Fair enough champion