This Week in WoW: September 18, 2023


or Classic evolved!

Maybe Classic ++ ( tho C++ is already something isnt it?)

Why are the brewfest trinkets still 200 ilvl??

Man I’m so excited for RDF it made the game more fun to me honestly I hate waiting around for a group!

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Ain’t gonna lie my favorite dungeon during wrath was Halls of Reflection just the feel of the area chills me to the bone with the spirits of the fallen in Lordaeron engulfing you in a circle with two of Arthas men Falric and Marwyn saying (Soldiers of Lordaeron rise to meet your masters call) and if it couldn’t be scary enough being chased the the Lich King himself such good memories can’t wait to run it again and hopefully this time not die lol.

So what was this article Blue News that came out on the 22nd