This Week in WoW: February 5, 2024

This Week in WoW: February 5, 2024

Each week we’ll look ahead to what’s in store for World of Warcraft, share the latest news, and keep you in the know byte by byte. A Blood Moon will rise when Season of Discovery Phase 2 goes live this week!

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I really hope the feedback from the last hero talent trees was considered, extra buff min-max management like the San’layn tree for example was the opposite of what was promised with those trees.

I hope the new reveals will fare batter, and looking forward to it!

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Can we please get some info on when Cataclysm beta is going to drop…

So do we just assume DKs are a write off til midnight, or will we not be fixed then either?

Only been a few xpacs

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We’ve still got a ways before the release of TWW. We’ll likely see more class changes between now and prepatch.

Why are we getting druid hero talents again? Didn’t we already see them at BlizzCon? Show some other classes at least … unless you don’t have other classes to show :smile:

P.S. Who’s running that AWC event? Didn’t most of the eSports team recently get laid off?

Sorry, you aren’t relevant anymore. Go play a real class.

DKs aren’t real. You’re not a thing anymore, go play the lastest fad class or go back to your hunter (probably.)

Unless it’s a full talent tree rework, including just scrapping the entire hero talent tree they shown, I doubt it

I only play DK and have since they were released, all other classes are poo and if our lead dev didn’t hate DKs (or is the most incompetent person to ever exist) it’d be perfect


Been there done that… Just needed some information on when Cata is going to drop. I have saved this image also but it isn’t very specific on a date. best I can figure is early to mid March…

There is info on that page lol… they are not going to give you an exact date

It would be nice if they created a Cataclysm PTR in the “In Development” category

I mean why the games been out before , and so many people played it already , what would they be testing really

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Things change or things that may have been left out… you simply can not roll over from one expan to another without testing… I suspect graphics wise things have changed. But true not much has changed.

Not sure why other then last patch with rogue Legos why anyone would want to play cata again. It’s when wow started to decline…

I don’t want to relive that again ;-;

All my in game and RL friends quit…