This Week in WoW: August 14, 2023

This Week in WoW: August 14, 2023

Each week we’ll look ahead to what’s in store for World of Warcraft, share the latest news, and keep you in the know byte by byte. Get ready for high-flying action when you mount up and rediscover the skies of Kalimdor with a new dragonriding racing event arriving in Azeroth on August 15!

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Developer Update (video) – live or pre-recorded?

How about an event called “Blizzard listens to paying customer/subscribed customers/season passes, and fixes current content”.

M+ = A Mess
Classes = A Mess
R = Boring since AUG made most fights cheesable.
Open World - Laggy with many partially functional items/buggy quests.
Much content with great upside, release before tested, and flopped/negatively impacted game. Some aspects seem to have no vision at all. ZC/FI… wasted areas that could have people using daily. Example: Have world tiers in these areas, like Diablo, and reward Crest Fragments based on difficultly. Realistically, this could be implemented to all open world content, keeping the door open for casuals or hardcore to have more incentive to play OW/PvE Content.

Hard OW + PvP could drive challenge seekers, too.

Love the game, just so many missed opportunities and blunders at hand that have been negatively impacting the game.

Nightmare Mode… not the game mode, just the game, overall. Boring with terrible loot. Reward doesn’t match the time played to get said rewards. Game has super potential, released too soon.

The communication part isn’t much better, as Blizzard continues to skirt key issues at hand, hoping more candy (subpar content releases) will quiet the masses.

CoD - Not in a great state either. Very similar to above. Classes/Content/etc. Even the Campaign to MWII remake is very buggy.

We all love new content, but we love it more when it works as advertised, not a watered-down bugged version.

Quite shocking still minimal communication on the plans to right the wrongs.

Maybe, reduce/eliminate the subscriptions/seasonal pass costs, etc until we have a PREMIUM service? WoW currently isn’t a premium service, nor is D4. We paid for the title and get subpar/unready content. Since, we are also testing unpolished product, we shouldn’t have to pay to do that. Most companies pay people to do that. Meet us in the middle.

OR, simply, step-up your game and fix the mess.


Hopefully a path to acquiring Corrupted Ashbringer is one of those secrets!

For TEN weeks straight this TWIW article series has chosen to ignore blatant cheating brought to their attention by users in the Classic Era realms, going so far as to censor critics of their negligence. Multiple threads, tickets, and in-game reports have gone ignored and instead of rightfully actioning the perpetrators of these exploits, Blizzard’s team has deigned it appropriate to silence users that speak up against this illegitimate play. Get your house in order.


The video will be pre recorded not live but it will be a live premiere.

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Usually there’s more hype to their developer update videos. Maybe this is a Mea Culpa video for introducing augvokers mid-season and throwing a wrench in everything.

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Gonna be Solo Shuffle quest week finally I hope.

Yes! T-Shirt day!! :woman_cartwheeling::man_playing_handball::man_cartwheeling::woman_playing_handball:

yeh T-shirt day only thing I saw that was remotely interesting…

heritage armor should of been done a long time ago…

Oh we’re getting nelf and ud armour? Where can I see them

No, we’re getting an article about the heritage armors we’ll get in 10.1.7.

An article :joy:

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I have loved Dragon Flight since release. Keep up the work efforts.


Night Elf



They just banned over 100k exploiting classic accounts a few days ago.

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Hired a bug fixing team?

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Four months ago, I made a thread about the exploiting I’ve witnessed in Classic Era:( Over one year ago, I predicted this behavior in a series of tickets made out of concern that the abuse would only get worse if Blizzard didn’t take a firm stance against it back then. Flash-forward to what is now my tenth consecutive TWIW article that I’ve petitioned for them to formally address this cheating and I’ve received either the usual nothing and/or aberrant, retaliatory behavior on their end.

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What time will the dev update video be?

out now

oh, thanks!