This Week in WoW: April 24, 2023

This Week in WoW: April 24, 2023

Each week we’ll look ahead to what’s in store for World of Warcraft, share the latest news, and keep you in the know byte by byte. Here’s what is in the queue this week as we draw closer to the release of Embers of Neltharion the week of May 2.

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So Real question here

Why did you ask for any feedback on Classes for 10.1 when you’re teams have actively ignored ALL of it (especially around Shadow Priests) and not even engaged with the community on the questions they had about your… questionable choices on these changes


I am liking these kind of updates and post with dates of what news is coming up during the week. Keep up with these type of updates it’s useful and knowledgeable for those who wants to read it.


(edit: I don’t post on the forums often enough to know why this picked one of my lowest level characters, so please disregard character name.)

The video discusses cross-faction guilds, but i’m noticing a worrisome lack of detail from Blizzard about this feature.

According to forum posts on the PTR state of cross-faction, alliance and horde guild members still cannot queue together for dungeons, cannot participate in world content together, and cannot heal, trade, or aid one another despite being in the same guild.

Is this intended to change for 10.1 or is the 10.1 cross-faction guild actually nothing more than lip service to cross-faction support?


The only thing it serves for is to show the lack of communication they have with the players.

If they really cared at all about feedback then RoP and Divine Steed, as well as Power Infusion, would have been removed or changed to accommodate the large amount of feedback on those talents.

I understand that before there were N amount of systems associated with talents and skills and it was not an easy thing to make changes.
But now there is not a single system associated with anything.

They could perfectly eliminate RoP and raise the damage of all skills by X%.

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“Lack of communication”

When they are constantly posting blue post on the blizzard tracker. Your kind of people would say “lack of communication” when they don’t do what you people want but they are listening and communicating and that’s a fact. And also there are many player feedback and they (class designer) has to stay neutral on all decisions and sometimes standing their ground on their choices.

Also, they have been transparent and posting roadmaps and posting articles on the official World of Warcraft website.


They already have you didn’t bother to take the time to do a little search on the blizzard tracker.

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TLDR - Come back in May, maybe the cave zone will be worth your resub. Maybe.


Blizzard showing the schedule for the next week or two is not “communication” to me.

Communication is having an active Mod for each class and answering questions from the players.

  1. Why are we Mages still using RoP ? When the feedback, since MoP, clearly says that a large number of players don’t like it ?

  2. Why do we Paladins keep using Divine Steed when it is known that there are better alternatives? What’s more, many players don’t ask for more damage. They always asked for better mobility and better defensive abilities.

  3. All the known drama about Power Infusion.

Communication in this case would be a Mod saying “well guys, we think RoP is better for this reason” or “To change or remove RoP would require a big overhaul (similar to Ret Paladin) and we don’t have time right now, but for the next expansion we promise you a change”.

So is this the last patch of DF?

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Stop with these type of responses when I just said they have a dedicated blizzard tracker category that literally contains all blizzard updates including PTR development updates and they have been communicating. And being transparent in their design decisions and if you want them speaking to people constantly you’re not gonna get it because they are too busy working on 10.1. And even the forum team will just do update and not be constantly engaging with the forums for no reason.

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“Last patch”

Sure. When they have released a roadmap for the 2023 year.

Well we’ve all seen how they just lost a bunch of their best talent

They had plans for wod as well but those all got scrapped


“Lost a bunch”

Where’s your proof when one of the producer of World of Warcraft didn’t give exact numbers when their team now containing 700 plus developers. But, sure spread that misleading narrative around on the forums just for clicks and comments when it’s false.

Also, stop talking about WOD when they didn’t have 700 plus developers back then but sure use then compare it to now. It’s not the same thing nor is it even the same environment these days.


I sure did say “Lost all”

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“Lost a bunch”

So, you’re claiming they didn’t lose a bunch of people now?

And yea I can bring up WoD, since it was peak blizzard not delivering on promises, doesn’t make sense you believe their every claim


What’s wrong with Divine Steed and why are you trying to take it away from my paladin?

Player caused issue, because fragile egos can’t handle the fact the priest saw fit to PI someone else.

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Do you have a source on the correct amount of people? If you don’t then why would I trust your words when you don’t even have accurate sources and information and data.