This Week in WoW: April 24, 2023

Maybe this will help you understand what I said instead of making up the amounts and trying to claim I gave a number


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I know what “bunch” means

And I didn’t give an amount of people leaving blizzard and only mention the total amount of current developers on the WOW team. But sure misconstrue my words.

Boy this is ironic


Man, whoever keeps designing mail armor really needs a break and put them on another project, and put in someone else with a creative vision. Holy molly Mail armor in this game has been by far the most disgusting, lack of detail/effects, and creativity since Vanilla. I’m going to be real and honest. It looks like :poop:. As someone who played/s Hunter and Shaman since Vanilla and, now Evoker, this is a complete joke. Like, 70% of the budget goes to Plate and Cloth, 25% goes to Leather and the rest to Mail. :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

Bro what? the mail armour this patch is AMAZING, it is one of the best looking sets in the game right now, especially with the winged shoulder pads.

Communication is two ways, especially when they’ve asked for FEEDBACK… What this dribble is is not communication

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Sorry i missed the paragraph they stuck at the bottom of their article, vaguely worded, and hoped no one would notice.

So no, cross-faction guilds are not going to be viable in 10.1 and this is, in fact, just lip-service.

Thanks for the heads up.

What’s wrong with the shadow priest changes?

You don’t think a significant portion of that 700 are going to immediately start looking for a new, remote job when they’re being asked to drive in gridlock traffic 3 times a week? At a better company/studio that probably also pays better?


One of the best looking sets?? :grimacing:

As for the “winged shoulder pads” the effects look like two burning matches, considering their “theme”, and the detail is meh.

Asking for feedback does not guarantee they will do what you told them. Dont be entitled this much. Maybe the feedback that went to them was not good, or applicable. Not everyone submits sensible feedback that could be turned into meaningful changes that doesnt break the game. Also, just because they didnt apply a feedback this patch, does not mean they wont do it in the future. You are just another salty player that likes to complain about everything.

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so you can do better?

Maybe something to do with all their developers jumping ship due to the change in work from home policies.

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Probably, why?

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I have seen cave zone on PTR.
“Maybe” is the right word for it.

That means its trash. Thanks lil fox

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Aside from ignoring the major issues with shadow… our mobility

For the complexity of our rotations (in 10.0.7) our damage is lower than others with simpler ones that have more mobility

Add in they wanted to make our aoe damage more centered around pyshic link, while at the same time nerfing pyshic link… Removing our only aoe dot refresh / big insanity spender, keeping shadow crash while also making it worse and making you pick between mind flay and … Mind spike

What was needed was

  • better timing on our Proc’s ( a big problem is right now with how many spells we have, the procs can all fire at once and you don’t always get a great/clear indicator on which is the best to use and some of them are tied together)
  • Shadow crash fixed so it was on target, not on area (and sped up a bit) OR replaced
    with a more effective spell
  • A mobility fix, that could even on a cool down allow us to cast while channeling (aka let us once a minute cast mind flay or void torrent while moving, even if its only at 40% speed)
  • Mana cost fixes on Mass dispel
  • Fixes to Power Infusion
  • General balance tuning

Fixes of that level would of made Shadow more competitive in higher tier mythics, as well as raids and added better playability in PVP

What we got was being shat on

uhhh then prove it buddy