This Week in WoW: April 10, 2023

This Week in WoW: April 10, 2023

Each week we’ll look ahead to what’s in store for World of Warcraft, share the latest news, and keep you in the know byte by byte. Here’s what you can look forward to this week as we keep slipping down the Turbulent Timeways toward the release of Embers of Neltharion on May 2.

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With the consecutive Time Walking events, are we going to get some sort of tie in to the Bronze Dragonflight? Just a thought :slight_smile:

Love the more frequent communication



A lot of nothing said. Still no critical changes for 10.1 to avoid still being a meaningless playing the login reward/FOMO timegate. Still won’t be worth it dealing with others for m+ or raid when it’s worthless because of this. Raiding is dead because of weekly lockout and vault/catalyst not letting people play the game at their own pace for forward progression style learning. It might have worked years ago, but they cashed it out, and used up goodwill enough that they can’t continue to run this trick into the ground.

Still haven’t altered that FOMO store mount that’s printing free gold for people running into walls on it all day either. Means they want people to be FOMO’d into buying the next store mount methinks.

I’m glad I 6 month subbed to ffxiv and haven’t been logging into wow daily anymore. Broken gameloop for WoW that over-relies on trying to get people to login but negates actually playing the game beyond that by making the grind meaningless. Unequal reward for equal effort if you don’t play the FOMO, and the means of gearing is primarily still playing the vault/catalyst FOMO timegate.

Maybe people feel it’s fulfilling to sub amazon prime for a mount, buy a time limited FOMO store mount to print infinite gold, or play the vault/catalyst timegate instead of playing at the pace you want. That doesn’t float my boat.


Yup. The more frequent patch cycle and more frequent communication have both been a huge improvement over the last few expansions. Hope they keep it up.

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Problem is the communication on systems changes have been an attempt at trying to shuffle around rewards rather than overall re-engineering systems to not feel like a playing the timegate chore/cheese. They’re shallow changes that say a lot but don’t change much.

I will not play with others in WoW for a weekly lockout chore or to sit around 6 days out of 7 waiting for the next weekly login reward drop from vault/catalyst.

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I feel like in your case, saying less would be a major boon for whatever point you’re trying to get across. A lot of word salad that basically amounts to nothing.


The point is the changes for 10.1 don’t change how they’re actually doing things. They’re trying to keep things as-is, which is playing the timegate.

I have zero interest in dealing with others over timegate freemium game shticks.

They’ve doubled down on relying on this rather than letting people play what they want when they want with natural forward progression.

Any mages insights, posts, dev notes planned ???

mages are fine.


Pretty much and for them saying they acknowledged open world needs to be looked at, improved, they aren’t really doing anything to improve there so 10.1 FOR ME is looking pretty bland which is par for course of DF.

Which is why I immediately subbed to ffxiv for 6 months as soon as I saw what scariizard typed out.

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Said the warlock that got tons of buffs and several talents rework

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It’s really sad though, because I can see they’ve pigeonholed themselves into needing to maintain a playing the timegate FOMO, to keep people around. Since the game hasn’t been able to stand up on its own, or so the devs fear themselves. It turns it into unfulfilling chores for many, but it also keeps sunk costed people around for MAU matrics.

The stuff they typed out for 10.1 (or rather what was not typed out) is telling me they gave up and that they’re admitting they’re stuck now in maintaining these systems to prop up the game.

They devalued the game completely for me, and I haven’t been around long enough to be sunk costed into the timegate shtick. I do agree it probably works on many who remain and have been around longer than me (Only been around since October). You won’t get new players like me this way though.

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What content are you unable to do because you’re a mage?

You literally just said you subbed to FF for 6 months. It doesn’t seem like you enjoy WoW anymore, even tho when compared to other expansions, they have lifted a large amount of problems that were just working against the player.

It’s okay to have fallen out of love for a game. It’s ok to move on. Go play Final Fantasy that you clearly are enjoying more right now.
However, there are plenty of people who still enjoy WoW now. You just seem to be out to tell how bad it is with no real substance in your criticism of the game.


Any news on this???

Season is almost over and still nothing on the pennant yet

It was clarified many times. Playing the timegate isn’t worthwhile or meaningful.

I was holding out hope until scariizard made a 10.1 systems post the other week. That’s when I gave up and subbed ff14. It also wasn’t what scariizard said, but was not said.

You were always allowed to play other games. I have multple game subs and so do most other people I play with.

Nobody cares…but for some reason you keep repeating it like its a big deal.

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Yes, a broken gameloop that makes someone quit and has the tellings of a cashed out freemium game would irk someone.

It irks me because WoW is treated like a freemium game despite being sub based, in a fashion that superficially pretends it’s not. It’s also the failure to maintain the game with a proper working anti-cheat, as it got old seeing bots constantly getting off free.

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