"This was a non issue..."

you should know by now that streamers are worth more to blizz then you are
What can you offer? one sub? two? maybe 40 if you are rich?
well this streamer dude can offer himself and 100000 others
why would blizz punish the people who make them more money.
welcome to being a second class user


If you accidentally run into a bug then yeah, you can reap the benefits of it.

It would however be a problem if you started reproducing that bug with the intention of continually reaping the benefits.

That was the entire point of the blue post.

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And the resulting exploitation of this bug by those who viewed the streams? It undermined the integrity of the endgame. It’s pretty foolish to suggest otherwise.

And that should not be the case but yeah, you are right.

He makes them more money than you though, so it makes sense they will treat him differently. We’re talking about Active Lizard here…

Bobby needs that fifth yacht.

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Literally no one cares.

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That is funny.

Blizzard should just remove the loot and move on. Easy fix, everyone happy

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Well you would be wrong.

What is this “betty lou said this about martha anne and cindy sue said oh hell naw” bullish?

The Old and the Shameless.

Just common sense dude.

For just 5 silver a day you can teach a horde player how to read.

You can post that like it solves anything but it doesn’t, the fact of the matter is that they got to keep loot from a bug, doesn’t matter if the bug SUPPOSEDLY is not the same as the layer exploit bug (IT IS).

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They were clear, Lore was very precise in explaining why Esfands raid group was green-lighted to go ahead with the clear. And it made sense, I’ve have green-lighted them also even if it weren’t a streamer’s group.

I can remember this bug happening a couple times during Wrath to my guild. And both times when reported we were told that killing bosses we had already killed a second time during a reset would be considered a exploit.

ok, why do we care what he says tho?

Imo he abused game mechanic and got double the loot.

Green light by b’izzard or not he should be suspended like the others

No reason to let them loot twice, period.

Still not your call. Get over it, seriously.


Don’t feed the attention seekers.

Not your decision. Period.