This PTR I learned

That people are way to reliant on addons and don’t know about boss queues.

How is your PTR going?

it’s something you would’ve learned if you played in 2005 after few weeks of playing!
addons came to Fix blizzard incomplete designs

when you couldn’t even see your enemy casts or your debuffs on enemy, there was no icons on enemy you couldn’t be able to see anything you put on boss’s, you wouldn’t see what any mob/boss is casting…and you won’t even see your own dot/cc you put on any target.

i raided before the existence of dbm & Big wigs and after many tries on boss’s… memorizing bosses ability’s was not hard but it was stressing to be playing the encounter while always thinking…soon…soon… “when it’s coming”…soon! so when bigwigs/dmb came they just came to remind you and end your pain.

the best part back then was the raid leader telling everyone to stop attack all the time because we didn’t even know why the boss was leaving tank and going to kill others, we had no idea about threat and there was no threat addons

but anyway all those addons you see only came to not let you walk in utter darkness, but over the past 18years blizzard stole many addons idea’s and imported it to the game…and the funniest thing is those class colors “Druid =orage”…etc was never blizzard idea, it was originally made by some random addon creator and blizzard copied it.

as for the ptr? you can login into it to enjoy pugging icc the raid or do the 3x new dungeons or queue RDF, things are simple & fun and there are people 24/7 online in there.

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wtf is boss queues? oh animations before abilities. ya, i haven’t memorized those, assuming that’s even reliable for even the most important mechanics.

gl with that…

or just get fojji

shakes head

I have it doesn’t mean I ignore the literal things that happen before a mechanic… I’ve seen many a person die because foji didn’t warn them soon enough… because it can’t.

Example a tank to the Deformed Fanatic… they completely ignore that Deathwhisper says “I release you from the curse of flesh!” before a Fanatic turns.

i have the sound off. fojji might mute that too idk

good tip though



This PTR proved to me that their is way to much raid testing for PTR. I get that most of these encounters are pretty solidly solved but my raid team has pretty much had the progression experience on the PTR. GG, before the content is even out our raid team has learned it can do everything besides HSindy, HLK, and 1-2 others are a little tight.

Raid testing should be limited. It is really silly so many people can beat the game before the game releases.

Eh, a lot of us don’t care. Like you said the encounters are already solved, people are on PTR so they can start doing Hardmodes on day 1 and not wipe all night, that’s how it is nowadays. It’s a solved game, people just want their items ASAP.

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Right, the game is more or less paper doll simulator so that you can make the color of the number look impressive.

You don’t HAVE to ruin the feeling of progression on the PTR.

You could just wait until it launches for real instead of spoiling the enjoyment for yourselves.


You can use addons on the ptr though…

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“Flesh from bones”…
Oh, as far as I remember it’s raid wiping mechanic! Who of 25 people got that damn red aura … hmmm. Oh… lets check battle text. It’s BlahBlahKnight… where the hell this BlahBlahKnight is on a raid frames. Wait … I also have to keep healing tank during this…
Who’s not switching on portal? Who’s rotation is wrong? Who’s not geared for this raid?


Blizzard UI is an ASCII program in era of sophisticated web based programs. It sucks big time. Imagine questing without Questie. I remember my wife sitting on ThotBot in vanilla and looking for coordinates on a map. Wait. MapCoords also was an third party addon :rofl:

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It took blizzard a very long time to start designing encounters that displayed enough information on their own so that add-ons weren’t needed to play well.

Even then, they still got into arms races with add-ons when it came to boss design to keep it challenging…

Which is why we eventually got fights like:

Hey everyone, a random spot in the room is targeting you with a line attack that will hit everything in its path. Quickly move yourself to a spot where your line won’t hit anyone else or they will die!

At some point you need add-ons to make that kind of stuff doable, even if it is displayed well.

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Add D&D, conc, other damage effects on top of it. Add color blind players etc. For example Algalon smash in melee where DK is spamming D&D. I remember hell of green ground effects of maze on a green grass of ZG dungeon. They had dilemma: you either have pretty effects or you make encounter to be possible to complete.

Well, I said people were over-reliant on them. Not that they weren’t needed. People actively ignore information that isn’t being put out by an addon. Hence my example of tanks dying to Deformed Fanatic because Foji/DBM doesn’t warn you about them before they actually exist. While Deathwhsipers calls out they are about to spawn.

Well good thing the PTR isn’t for your pre-progression but for bugs and making sure that it’s even doable and everything works.


In theory yes, for the Classic community it is the Lets learn the bosses by heart before they come out-Phase. Followed by the Complaining that there is nothing to do-Phase and Bragging about how you went 100h on ptr and have killed bosses faster than someone that didn’t-Phase


ptr wasnt meant for training for the real raid you guys made it that way lmao find bugs pls. if rdf is out let us know the bugs with it

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Unfortunately in order to test the raid you have to beat the bosses to move on to the next boss and test that.

And you need to do it multiple times, lest bugs appear that may not happen every attempt.

One thing I missed from later expansions until its recent re-inclusion: control over whose spells you see. Egad, my eyes.