This is why I do not do dungeons

This is just one of the many examples of what constantly happens every single time I go into a dungeon.

This is my whole experience in Scarlet Monastery: (Because this is the experience the game showed me, then to me this is how this dungeon always is. Note I didn’t even gain a level.

I wound up spending 3 hours in Scarlet Monastery because I would die and when I went to get my body, all the enemies I had killed, had spawned again, so I couldn’t even get back to where I was on my own without help. Once the way back to me was cleared out, I then couldn’t find my way back to where I had died because the enemies had spawned yet again making it impossible to know what way I already went and what way I had not gone yet.

On top of that, all I found were rooms connected to rooms that were all dead ends and a few corridors that had some rooms off of them with some other rooms that were also dead ends.

The only thing I was doing was clearing out the same 2 path ways for 3 hours. No bosses, no gear, no anything, just basic generic elites with nothing special.

So all I was shown by the game designers is that this dungeon is a complete and total waste of time. Without a map and navigation it’s impossible to go through this dungeon. Couldn’t and still cannot find any bosses inside that place. Which is mind blowing considering it’s only 2 little sections with about 16 rooms total that run in one big circle.

There aren’t even any quests that belong to it that I can find anywhere. Even if I did have some quests, unless they were obtained inside the dungeon itself, then there would be no possible way a player would ever know if they had any quests for that dungeon.

Game designers did an exceptionally very poor design job on this.

So because this is the experience the game wants to give me, then to me, dungeons are a complete and utter, total waste of time. I have never once gotten any benefit or understanding about what is so good about dungeons. There is no map, and no way to navigate through them. I have also never come out of a dungeon with anything good. I have also found a total of 2 bosses that was stockades and Deadmines. I still to this day have yet to find a boss in Scarlet Monastery.

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I don’t understand. Are you doing the dungeon on your own?

Because with 5 people, somebody is bound to know the directions, and the group should always clear the way back to anybody who dies in between mob respawns. Either that, or everybody wipe together and start over.

I feel like you must be doing something wrong if you’re having this many issues with a mid game dungeon.



Are you trying to do them by yourself? They’re 5-man activities. You probably didn’t even go into the instances…


I never stated whether I was in a group or solo because it’s unrelated to how the badly designed the dungeon is.

How many people go in, isn’t relevant. The dungeon is designed extremely poorly.

Until you clarify what you mean by not going into the instance, then
that statement makes no sense.

Blue portal = loading screen = in the instance

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Uh, it’s entirely related because they are not intended to be experienced solo and are in fact impossible to do solo at level in almost all cases.

Yes. If you were in any of Scarlet Monastery’s 4 instances, you would have been able to find bosses. And the fact that you have only found 2 bosses and supposedly did Deadmines is another indicator that you didn’t actually enter the instance.


You cannot blame a player because of how badly designed an area of a game is.

Someone in your group shouldn’t have to know how to get around. The entire group should know how to get around due to the dungeon by having actual usable navigation. No one should be having to look up how to navigate around a dungeon.

I am doing nothing wrong, I go into the dungeon and kill crap.

If Blizzard cannot put forth any type of navigation system then how is it hard to believe I am having this much trouble with a dungeon.

it’s simple, there is no map and the navigation is non-existent.

Once again what you’re talking about is UNRELATED to the issue of a badly designed dungeon, it’s layout, and functions.
and secondly
The amount of people in a group does not change the design of a dungeon, it’s layout, and functions.

Do you need somebody to hold your wittle hand? Literally just move forward in Scarlet Monastery through the halls and voila, you will find bosses that drop loot!

Graveyard: Go through hallways, go across open graveyard, go through tomb hallways, kill final boss

Library: Go through hallways, clear one courtyard to the side, go through hallways, kill final boss

Armory: Go through hallways, kill final boss

Cath: Go through across a single courtyard with 2 parts, into the cathedral, that’s the whole dungeon

How do you need a map for a set of dungeons that is like 4 hallways?!


this is a special level of, well, “special” (wont use bad non PC words).

Do you have a learning difficulty? Legit question, because SM is the most basic, linear, straightforward layout imaginable.


Because it doesn’t have 4 hallways, it has at least 28 all of which which have at least 12 rooms connected by rooms and other hallways that all have 12 rooms which almost all are dead ends.

It needs a map because none of the hallways are named/labeled, and the enemies do not stay dead.

If the enemies stayed dead and the hallways had different designs then you would know you already went through there.

Well it’s sort of funny, SM is normally a must do instance between the levels of 31-40 for everyone else. You must be doing it severely wrong.

BTW mobs in SM have an approx 10-15 min respawn time, If it’s taking you that long to get to your body I’d strongly suggest finding your Map Keybind and using it.

Not when the enemies do not stay dead so you have no clue where you already went Your definition of linear is not correct then because linear means point to point with no other ways to go.

SM has at least 28 hallways with at least 12 rooms off each hallway that lead to other hallways that also have about 12 rooms off them.

??? ??? ???

You walk past the meeting stone. Enter the first building you see and go up the stairs. You’re in a room with many small rooms around the sides, and on the opposite side of the room are the four instance portals for SM. The dungeons themselves are all extremely straightforward. I cannot understand how you’re so lost here.

Enemies don’t respawn that quickly inside instances, which is why I’m pretty sure you’re not even inside any of the dungeons.

SM dungeons are probably the most linear in the game.


I can see four other people already responding and I’m grabbing the popcorn.

Anyway, you criticised “game design” - WoW makes a point to expose low level characters to Elite mobs who are vital for quests clearly labelled “Group”. Scarlet Monestary is filled with elite mobs and quite obviously not an area to be solo’d. You can’t fault Blizzard if you weren’t paying attention in your earlier levels.

All i did was go in and play…
All of you replying keep failing to accept that enemies re-spawn in a place that has at least 28 hallways with about 12 rooms off each hallway that connect to other hallways that all have at least 12 rooms off them. And if you die it’s impossible to know how to get back to where you died because every hallway all looks exactly the same and all the enemies are still there.

Somehow the layout and function of the dungeon isn’t contributing at all to why SM is impossible to navigate through.

How about no enemies re-spawn. that way you know you already went that way.

SM is impossible to navigate through because it isn’t linear and it’s impossible to keep track of where you already went and where you haven’t been yet and where you need to go,

cracks out the MJ eating popcorn gif


This has to be an elaborate troll thread.


Even if this were true, that’s part of the point of dungeons. You’re supposed to explore them with a group.

Having a map totally kills the immersion.

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Because the enemies do not stay dead and all the hallways and rooms are identical.

Because of that, without a map and navigation markers you cannot distinguish the difference between where you already were, where you have not been yet, and where you need to go.

Until Blizzard does an overhaul on this dungeon to make the enemies remain dead. it will be impossible to navigate around

and if this is so crucial as you say, then they need to make it doable and remove all the complex crap.

I disagree 100%. Scarlet Monastery has 4 instances. That is 4 separate dungeons. I’ve done each of these 4 dungeons many times. I usually enjoy myself. Nobody ever gets lost.

In the dungeon “Wailing Caverns”, groups can get lost. In the 2 “Blackrock” dungeons, I can easily get lost. It’s even possible to get lost in “Uldaman”.

But you can’t get lost in the Scarlet Monastery dungeons. They are too easy.

The mobs do re-spawn quickly. So if you die too much (or go too slowly), you may have to kill the re-spawns. That is a real issue in Scarlet Monastery, but not in issue in some other dungeons.

No, that isn’t ANY of the 4 dungeons in Scarlet Monastery. WHICH dungeon are you describing? Maybe you are someplace else.

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Blizzard is not going to overhaul the game for mor–

wait nvm retail happened