This is not 1.12 this is Classic

Seems to be pretty split. Plenty of folks are fine with 1.12 AV.

That is simply not true. Patch doesn’t just mean balance, it also means content.

Blackwater Raiders is a server that opened on October 6 2016. This server opened under the patch 1.12. Dire Maul, Zul’Gurub, and Naxxramas were unlocked on this server since day one. World dragons were roaming on this server since day one. AQ opening event was available on this server since day one. So were the battlegrounds and the honor system.

If Classic were to be a pure representation of 1.12, it would have opened under these same conditions. Not to mention that it would not have right click reporting, color blind mode, loot sharing, and integration. Classic is not patch 1.12, it is only using patch 1.12 as a base. We have already gone past the pure 1.12 WoW into “Frankenpatch WoW”.

Why? Lol wth are you on about dude it’s gated content for pve so nothing gets trivialized because of the 1.12 backbone. Dude you really need another hobby or something this is clearly not healthy for you. Idk if you’re like this all the time, but you aren’t thinking at all right now.

Oh way to really split the hairs on that one like a child lol.

I never said that first part. I even explained it to you 10 times already. If you aren’t going to grasp the logic I’m throwing at you, I’m just going to let you be and be continue to be a dumb dumb. Which works for me idc.

If it’s not 1.12 database, same premise still applies.

so why can’t we do both? use the earlier one earlier, and the later later?

Yeah, 1.12 is the basis, but as he clearly states right here, for parts of the game like AV, they are choosing which patch they’d like to use, so your “built on the foundation of 1.12”, is both captain obvious and meaningless in this context. So to the OP’s point, this is classic, give us the version of things that made this game classic, which Mr. Kaivax stated is entirely possible.

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so then we should use pre 1.11 threat before AQ goes live so that we don’t trivialize the earlier raids.

you’re the one who misconstrued what i said. i was just clarifying.

and yet the side of the argument you are supporting is doing that.

I guess using 1.10 drop tables (1.10 data) in 1.12 be introducing older patch data into a later patch, right?

I think Blizzard is pushing for a summer release. Doing that would hinder their progress with other things.

So they just want to get AV out of the way and work on more important things.

This simply is true. Considering that’s LITERALLY what classic is being made from… Man I love it when people say something so confidentially stupid and the facts is literally laying right in front of them. Makes me feel warm =D


It’s not though. No one in here is saying it is. Please read this so you FULLY understand this once and for all. Classic isn’t attempting to be purely 1.12… but every decision they have made in terms of core gameplay and features of the game have been made under the 1.12 foundation. Boss balancing, class balancing, BGs, basically everything.

This does NOT make it a 1.12 copy cat or even trying to be a perfect 1.12. This just means that the foundation of the game is being built around 1.12.

Do you understand the difference? If you don’t I would just suggest you sit this one out too.

except av is not going live with release. so they can literally work on it between now and release of the av patch.

I heard they are just manually updating the drop tables themselves…

So boss used to drop the idol of whatever. Blizzard goes into the data and pulls idol of whatever off of the drop table.

They aren’t using 1.10 data. It’s 1.12 data trying to emulate 1.10.

We’ve gone back and reconstructed many of the most heavily affected drop tables as they existed prior to the 1.10 patch, and we’re planning to update the drop tables alongside the Ahn’Qiraj War Effort. Prior to the Ahn’Qiraj unlock, most of the drop rates and locations will look as they did in the patches prior to 1.10,

This times 500000000.

I didn’t feel the Zerg mentality until after 2.3.0. They tried to Zerg before, but it was more difficult and a lot of turtles were able to, and did, happen quite a bit.

so it’s okay to emulate the data where it suits them, but not elsewhere.

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there was literally AVs done in less then 10 minutes even during 1.12

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That’s the players not AV.

Even on private servers, which Tipsout said don’t use 1.12 AV, are done within a few minutes due to zerging. It’s literally a player issue.

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This is the summer of George!

I sure would like that! But that’s not what their doing as of right now. Do you really need me to tell you again why they aren’t?

No I didn’t misconstrued what you said, you just split the hairs of your meaning…which still holds the same meaning basically. Like a child.

No… no one is saying this. You literally just made that up because you think 1.12 foundation = 1.12 to the T.

You know I think I’m done talking to you, you just don’t seem like a quick person this is a waste of time. I honestly think Zyrus makes more sense than you atm.

So what? It happened in 1.5 too.

The general outcome of most of my AVs weren’t the result of zerging until 2.3.0 hit.

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It’s the 1.10 drop tables.

Could they manually change every boss loot table rather than just import the 1.10 data? Yes.

Is it not still the data contained in an earlier patch, no matter how they implement that data, though?