This "High Drop Chance on First Kill of Day, lol@your alts" Thing For Holidays is Total Garbage

I’m one and done, and even then I can’t even be bothered to do it at this point. I’m still struggling with multi “pull my hair out” over those bloody shoulders from SOO to care. Best of luck I guess to the participants in this years wonderful mount awards.

Okay, so blind faith.

people on this very forum have said they’ve gotten the drop on kills after their first of the day. are they lying?

I didn’t even know these brew fest mounts were even that big of a deal. I have both of them, actually I guess I don’t even remember when I got them to be honest. Not only that, but I never use them, so maybe that’s why. Unless there are some other mounts I’m missing from the holiday event.

Here is what I would be willing to do, I’ll trade both the mounts for the Shoulders from SoO?

Wowhead does not update their pages if drop rates change. Blizzard does not release drop rates, they come from wowhead. We have zero verification of current drop rates.

But the truth is they made a change that makes it feel bad to play the game the way many have. I stopped farming Pandaria world boss mounts after they removed bonus rolls to make it take twice as long to get two of them. Twice as many years. Please, try to convince me that this was a good faith change on Blizzard’s part, and a sign that they are being truthful about the new multilevel drop rates.

Assuming it works like the love rocket drop rate (I don’t see why it wouldn’t):

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wowhead has nothing to do with this.

only because you’re assuming the drop rate for kills after the first is zero, which it’s not.

For the love rocket this change might work but when something is let’s say 1/100 then the old system is still superior.

how is it bad to have an improved chance on one kill per day?

You’re also assuming the subsequent kills aren’t at a love rocket drop rate of .03%.

Considering they decide to go to this “higher first kill rate, good luck with your alts” approach just like the love rocket, it’s not at all unreasonable to currently presume subsequent Brewfest armor kills are at .03% too, or whatever absurdly low drop rate they decided to set it at.

Why not have a buffed drop rate on all kills instead of the first one? OR real BLP?

You know what’s even worse? Blizzard has clearly changed the scheme they used after 19 years and has provided ZERO communication on that. None. Zilch. Nobody ever said it was going to apply to anything outside of the love rocket, but here we are and the only way we knew is from non-Blizzard sources yet again.


the love rocket was not “higher rate for first kill, lower rate than before for subsequent kills”.

it was “higher rate for first kill, same rate as before for subsequent kills”.

again, how is that worse?

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You missed the point.

Right now it looks like “higher first kill, complete and total trash for subsequent kills.”

That’s not fun or engaging at all. The carpet has been ripped from underneath alts and there is no BLP. We can still spend years farming the same crap, and it’s even worse because the drop rates on alts is total trash.


okay, and is that worse than or better than “complete and total trash for every kill”?

because people here are saying it’s worse, and that they’re being punished!

If they don’t want people using alts for it, then they ought to just make it so that only the first kill has any chance, and later kills are just ineligible. This design is just kind of obnoxious. It creates a feeling that’s the opposite of “bad luck protection.” First kill didn’t get it? Great, your next kills have a worse chance.

I get the notion that, “no one is going to quit over this.” Which is true. This is not a straw that’s going to break any camel’s back. A lot of bad designs get locked in because they’re not worth quitting over, which is unfortunate. Little things add up, but who knows what role they play in any individual quitting, which usually takes a bigger straw.

For those saying, “well, this was an improvement of the Love Rocket” - so what? Love Rocket was a horrendously bad design to begin with. They improved on something terrible by making it less terrible, but still not good. That said, I get the notion that changing the Love Rocket to a vendor would also have been a problem, on the basis of the argument that “people have put in their time or years on something under the old system, and changing it to what it should have originally been potentially negates all that effort.” That’s a true point that had to be wrestled with when addressing the Love Rocket.

That justification doesn’t exist at all for something NEW being put in the game. This Brewfest reward was something fresh. There was no history holding it back. They could have gone with, “what we normally have done for nearly everything else that’s an RNG drop in the game over nearly two decades,” or “put it on a vendor, like the stuff people don’t complain about,” or “replicate the mediocre compromise we reached for one of the most terrible loot drops the game ever had, which hasn’t been used anywhere else in the game.”

That they went with the last option deserves negative feedback.


I got all the mounts within a few dozen kills.

No, alts still have their advantage, it’s just diminished. These are changes most players would’ve benefitted from long ago.

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And for all we know, they made the drop rate even worse in the name of this “amazing” new system.

This is why we can’t have nice things. Players don’t want to be “forced” do anything. So blizzard gives your first kill bonus chance so no one feels “forced” to run it on alts.

But players still complain. Just be honest, tell them you want it mailed to you on account creation.


found something lol

and since they didn’t do that, we can conclude they don’t mind people using alts for it. right? have they said they don’t want people using alts for it?

if we’re going to play the “for all we know” game, we’re going to be here a very long time.

Right? Would it be nice if Blizzard actually communicated these changes and their intents?

I know I know, that’s a tall order to ask and they shouldn’t have to tell us these things for a game that we pay $180 a year to play. Silly me.