This "High Drop Chance on First Kill of Day, lol@your alts" Thing For Holidays is Total Garbage

Yeah great, let’s do something so that “people won’t have to feel like they need to run their alts in holidays.” Instead they’ll feel completely demoralized and even more enraged knowing that running holiday queues on alts is an even bigger waste of time.

“Cool I have only one real chance a day until the holiday is over this year, and the next year, and the year after that.” What a fantastic thing. This “fix” was bad for love rocket and it’s bad for brewfest. It did nothing to fix the problem. All you’ve done is made it worse and did a terrible job at telling anyone the love rocket paradigm was carrying forward to plague the rest of the holidays.

Thanks for taking no steps forward and 5 steps backwards.


You’re welcome.


I’m confused. Why is it worse to have a decent chance on one of your characters followed by a very low chance, than having almost no chance on all your characters?


The part you’re missing is that there is no “decent chance on one of your characters” in the first place.


Why is having a saddle with a barrel strapped to it important to you?


Higher chance then.

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Because many people over the years have asked them to stop doing this low drop chance of holiday fun stuff and they just double down on it, claiming “but we gave you BLP!” instead of actually fixing the bad design.

Good design: currency drops from bosses and quests to turn in and buy mounts.

Bad design: low drop chance that annoys people— even with BLP.

There are people who play this game to collect. There are other games that have much better holiday design than this.

Barely. And it’s still bad design overall.


You should play those games, and you should tell Blizzard the reason why you’re not playing their game when you cancel your sub.


Or maybe you should learn to read. Nowhere in there was “me” or “I” stated.

Enjoy being dismissive and not reading, though. As usual for you.


You act like we know each other. I’ve never seen you before in my life. You doesn’t have to mean you specifically. Blizzard still won’t care until they feel it where it matters.


You seem to think that people haven’t quit or refuse to do the holiday events because of it. Yet we know that there are people who have done so. And they’ve done so over many many years. This subject isn’t new. People not participating or quitting isn’t new.

My comment was to inform someone why people would want this mount skin. And pointing out better holiday design is for Blizzard to think on it.

Your comment came across as dismissive and “don’t post here.” As do most comments I see from you.

Enjoy your day.


It’s a step in the right direction; people shouldn’t feel forced to setup a fleet of alts to farm/collect stuff.


It was a holiday refresh that didn’t even really get a refresh. The way to truly fix it would have been to actually refresh the system and put everything on vendors. Mounts at high prices. Currency drops from boss and dailies and other places.

There shouldn’t be a “step in the right direction,” there should have been a “refresh of the system.”


Even if it were double the chance, and drop chance is under 3% which is probably being generous, that’s still pretty damn low.

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0.3% :dracthyr_lulmao:

Exactly so, even if it were double for your first character, that’s still less than 1%.

Hello, I see you posted a thread about holidays. To be fair, this is probably a good business move on Blizzard’s part! If you can’t farm it in a consistent manner, more than likely you will keep paying to ensure you get the same chance next year, haha! A lot of the people complaining about these things are more or less addicts at this point so it’s not like they are going anywhere!

Thanks for your post and have a great day!


i am trying to understand this
people were complaining about the holiday drop rate being low and hated to have to take in an alt army to get the mount. blizzard did the first day drop is increase by x and people are still mad?
and want to take in an alt army to farm the mount.

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People: “Droprates suck, use a different system.”

Other people: “Put them on vendors we can work towards.”

Blizz: “Here, it’s now a 3% dropchance on first kill instead of 1%!”

People: “… seriously?”

Other people: “That’s not what we asked for.”

Blizz: “We’re going to do the same thing to other holiday bosses!”


with the vendor the price might be 600-1000 tokens for it