This guild has disbanded god bless

this guild no longer raids

Bumping for awareness!

Get in for 10.1!

Probably spots for like 1/2 more raiders

bump last few spots being filled

I have a Question.

bumpity bump

Recruiting 1/2 DPS

BUMP looking for mage

Bumpitty Bumper looking for a pumper

Still in need of a mage desperately, warrior/dk/druid dps. Keen to have a chat to anyone interested! Bump

hey this guild is pretty good

Is that the Salsa Verde? I’ve heard they offer a friendly, positive environment to push content in. They are also interested in melee DPS and mage applications.

Hey ive been looking for a late night raid guild for my DK im currently on Khaz’goroth im gearing up as a frost but currently geared as tank at 419

Always on the lookout for those GIGA CHADS

Last 1-2 spots are still being recruited

Would always love to hear from great DPS players!

last dps and heal to fill out roster

Good guild awesome bants, loving, friendly people all around, positive energy and lots of laughs along the way :slight_smile:

last spot for dps and heals