Thinking of maining resto

How’re they looking in DF? I haven’t been keeping up. Want to main a healer come DF, though, and have always enjoyed resto playstyle.

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On beta they play more or less the same as now honestly although dealing DPS feels worse with than it does on live without the affinity system.

The general tree could use a lot of changes to address that but I’m not sure if they have any plans to address it.

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Governation is right. The DPS needs a tuning pass. I’m barely able to get more DPS out now than I can on live, despite being 60ilvls higher. Its not a matter of not finding time to DPS, just the numbers really stink right now. It is fun trying to abuse the Furor a bit with cat and owl weaving with 1 minute convokes, COD, and Swarm. But the numbers just aren’t there on the DPS side.

However healing wise, its a blast. So many viable combinations that you can play with and adjust how you like to heal.

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First of all, you’re in the right mindset by considering learning the arts of resto druid :100:

i think you’ll find that it’s a very powerful healer with plenty of utility, however, dragonflight will change the game just a little (due to various core abilities scattered in the druid tree, like hibernate, cyclone and soothe). So you’ll likely be changing your talents often, based on the needs of your party/raid.

My personal favorite thing about the tree is that it’s encouraging various focus points in the resto tree. Instead of mindless “oh just stack a bunch of hots and heal more”, it highlights various spells and expands on them.

For example, you can choose a more swiftmend focused build, or one that emphasizes the healing of your lifeblooms. the new trees open up new healing styles for Resto druid, so I’m confident the class will feel different from expansions past.

One of the first times we could “customize” our druid since BFA.

gl out there :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

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To be honest, in the healing part, the Rdruids stand out a lot (although I don’t like so much the issue that they are making so many constant changes to us in the healer tree just for healer). The only detail is that comparing it with other healers, we have 0 dps talents in the Rdruid tree (I don’t count Convoke or Swarm because they are SL talents and if I counted it, then it would apply the same logic as in the other healer classes) ), also our talent tree needs a serious improvement to be able to correctly pick up the most relevant utilities and have better access to talents that support us in dps (to support the loss of feral and boomy buffs).
In a few words, if you are going to focus on healing you will be very good, but if you are going to try to do dps it will be very complicated, currently in DF I am doing 8-10k but in SL I do 7-9k and when I see other classes they achieve do more sustained dps by staying with 30-32k overall (and that’s a lot considering we’re in HC dungeons).

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As it should be… Expecting healers to DPS has ruined the game. (bold take)


Well, it would be nice… if blizzard applied that logic to everyone, don’t you think?
It’s not always good for a healer to just “Heal”, because if you only have 1 healer do that or have lower dps performance than others… then you’ll end up as a MW in SL.
Unfortunately, we have no other choice, we will have to get used to healers doing dps and if you don’t want to do that, then everyone chooses. But if the same game designs 1 or 2 healers in this way to only heal or do mediocre dps performance, you will only make them suffer (and obviously feel it more as they focus on high M+).
sadly, we will have to accept that now we healers have to do dps u.u

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I’ve been getting about 14k overall as Rdruid for beta heroics.

i’m sure everything will change for m+.

In the first dungeon I was “Neltharus”, I managed to do 12.9k dps going with a Guardian druid, warrior, ele shammy and paladin. But that was thanks to all the dps doing 17-19k.
But the second one I went (it took a long time for me to get to it), I did 9.8k but went with a Warrior tank + Evoker + Evoker + Mage. Unfortunately in this last one they did 24-26k except the warrior tank… who did 45k (wtf).
The dps will depend a lot on your team, but it may be something or low, but as I mentioned, an offensive talent option would not hurt… overall the poor talent of “Nourish” is very decorative unless they give him some extra mechanic or synergy with talents.

Priests are complaining about their DPS and utility as well.

Well in the case of Priest’s dps, it’s simpler (at least that’s what I notice with mine). But I’m not going to deny that they lack utility.

I don’t disagree. This all started with disc priests.

I don’t mind DPSing. It kind of is a way to balance dungeons when you think about it. To keep the healers engaged, you have 2 routes. Make the content so challenging that all you are doing is playing whack-a-mole or do you give the content some breathing room on healers. If you do the second, then they’ll get bored and want to do DPS.

Having spent the first few years of WoW (vanilla thru wrath) playing whack a mole in 5 mans, drinking between every pull, etc…, I’ll take the later and give me the choice to either DPS or just chill.

MMO’s have all kind of gone this way. in Vanilla, tanks had no self heals (pots don’t count), and neither did DPS. And healers had no DPS. Tanks had no DPS. that was the holy trinity. raid geared 60s couldn’t do Mara without a healer even though it was a 40 dungeon. But then they started giving DPS heals so they could survive solo content because everyone hated having to bring bags full of food to eat between every few kills.

And soloing as a healer was painful then too.

Healer’s DPSing is a thing now. Genie is out. Now they have to learn how to balance it.


I love healing on a resto druid, and would recommend it to anyone.

That said, DPS wise, Im not a fan of the amount of actions needed for catweaving(more so) and owlweaving(less so), as they seem clunky, with a lot of effort for little outcome. This could be attributed to shifting having that GCD.
How are all of you dps’ing these days?
In group content, I rather like to chill and stay in current form while keeping Dots up and wrath spam.

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They have been pruned in dragonflight. So it kind of depends how the class tree changes. You basically miss out on a ton of abilities in the class tree that you would normally have in your different forms.

When people talk about numbers in dragonflight dont listen to them because tuning hasnt even started yet. The core of resto is okay, the main problem with it is the class tree.

They’ll probably be 1st/2nd in raw HPS for raid. PvP they’ll be good. M+ they can heal fine with the only issue being whether or not their dps gets addressed. Cat form is basically dead on arrival with the removal of the 35% energy regain which means moonkin form is your only option for M+ and even then they are on the lower end compared to most other healers.

Imo, healers with full bis gear should do maybe about 5% of a fully geared DPS’s damage or the same damage as a fresh max level DPS character.

For example; if you hit 70, got geared as a DPS and were pumping out 100k DPS, I think healer DPS, fully geared, should do at most 5k DPS.

It’s better than 0 for those who want to contribute, and it’s negligible to where it just doesn’t come close to really mattering.

I understand people being bored and wanting stuff to do. I just think healers DPSing is dumb when they’re already removing debuffs, healing, CCing to the best of their abilities, interrupting if they talented into it, and especially Druids between all the GCDs spent to go into Moonkin or Kitty forms plus using their abilities, then hop back out to throw HoTs up on people, yeah it’s insane.

Other healers do not shift forms so they have way less globals to go through compared to Druids, though that makes Druids more fun when you actually get to pull it off correctly, so your skill is more rewarded for the tradeoffs. Again, though, between everything else healers are doing I just don’t think they need to add DPS on top of it all, too, thus it should be very negligible/little DPS.

Its really not that hard to DPS.
Finding a balance between healing as little as possible and doing as much dps as possible makes healing in dungeons way more fun imo.

Not to mention if healers can actually do decent dps, solo content becomes actually possible. Otherwise we all have to switch specs every time we arent in a group.

It kinda seems like those that dont want to DPS on healers are lazy (no offense) and just want to sit there with low APM. Theres no way that healers have a high APM even with all this “CCing (LOL), removing debuffs and interrupting (rip priest).”

Personally I’d hate healing if things went back to the way they were and didnt require a higher APM. Talk about boring. Mixing it up with a simple dps rotation is good and like I said, makes solo content much more possible as a healer.


So, I think there’s a few things here:

  1. Your job is not to do damage, it’s to keep the group alive.

  2. APM means nothing because there is a GCD of 0.75-1.5 seconds pending your Haste, however it will not, ever, go below 0.75 seconds even if you have 300% Haste. That’s not going to happen.

  3. When I finished my work, no I usually do not go help my coworkers with their work or my boss with his work. I do my job, and then I’m done, taking a break until I have more work to do. No offense, but people like yourself, I would hope are the type to go around and once you are done your job you should literally be helping every single other person finish their work, or that’s quite hypocritical thinking/beliefs. I mean IRL for that example, not just in game. Again, to me it’s hypocritical if you go and think “I should be doing multiple roles’ jobs” yet can’t do that IRL, that’s a full on personality switch, which doesn’t make any kind of sense, realistically speaking. The way I view games is the same as I view life, and view other people, too.

  4. I think those wanting to do more are literally just bored, to which that’s fine. You do you, I don’t mind boredom and rather enjoy it, so the simpler and easier things are then yeah I enjoy that, too. I always entertain myself above all else. This includes sometimes making my own sound effects when I press buttons and do my own voice overs n other things sometimes as well. Point is: I entertain myself and yeah, when nobody’s taking damage I don’t mind sitting there not doing anything. My job at work, when there aren’t customers, we sit there waiting, too. When there’s customers then you get back to work and do the job you were hired to do.


Ok… I see you are caught up with “My job is healing only… do your job”.
The thing is… that is simply not the case.
Your job is to complete the dungeon or the content as efficiently as possible by using all buttons available to your class. That means doing damage to the best of your ability as well.
The co-worker analogy was a bit strange to be honest. Like yeah, If I was part of a team trying to acomplish a goal I’d assist my colleagues. I sure as heck wouldnt just sit on my butt making insane bing bing wahoo noises trying to entertain myself when my colleagues are sitting there sweating trying to complete what we as a team need to complete.


You’ve never really worked in customer service things, it would seem, as you would have a completely different outlook otherwise. :stuck_out_tongue: Literally go work retail, go work in a restaurant, go work somewhere and you’ll see. If you do work or have worked and/or are still working in any of those and still have this outlook, you have a very good place you are working for. Again, go work at these spots if not, your outlook will entirely change 100%.

That, indeed, is the goal but you also don’t tell your window wipers to start your car, either. That is not their job, nor would it be. Every part/ every piece has its part to play and the other pieces do not interfere with such.

If the analogies are too strange, there’s many other real world ones I can use explaining the same concept of “you do your job, I will do my job.” – there’s plenty of them.

It is very much the case.