Think i have found a place

Think i have found a place

Murderous Hobos is looking for more.
We are a guild that is focused more on personality and desire to play with your friends more then anything else. We are all here to have a good time and do as much as we can get done. If you want to be the best then we are here to help you with that, whether that is Raiding, M+ or leveling alts. You just want to hang out in a digital world with some friends, well we are here for that too. This is a game and we all have lives the officers here just got tired of not having a place where everyone is welcome.

Hey so right off the bat I know your not looking for Saturday’s but as we have all gotten older and have kid jobs and family’s we raid one day a week from 9am est to 1pm est on Saturday morning we are all just coming back to the game much like your self to get ready for shadow lands we currently sit at 11/12 heroic but nzoth will die this week 100% if it sounds interesting to you let me know here’s my battle tag Mako#1649

I really can’t do any raiding prior to 8pm due to work on fri, sat or sun

Hi! Again, you said youre not interested in friday / saturday stuff BUT my guild would love some more ranged dps :slight_smile:

Heres our blurb. We’d love to do m+ with you / get you caught up!
Our raid times will be voted on again for shadowlands, as well as our heroic clear!
Hope to hear from you! Best of luck

Hey Myztiq,
Come check us out and let’s chat. We’re rebuilding for Shadowlands and could use some solid players who have life outside of WoW and want to join a community not just a guild.