[H] <Undivided> Recruitment open for casual raiding and Shadowlands

Undivided is a newly formed casual horde guild on Area 52. Our focus is to have fun and push content and build core relationships between players going into Shadowlands expansion. Selfishness, toxicity, and belittling will not be tolerated. Also, if you are unable to help others and only concerned with your own gear please scroll on as this is not the guild for you.

Guild History:

The founders of Undivided have played World of Warcraft while it was still in beta, pre-vanilla and formed a successful heroic guild throughout BC, WotLK, Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria, Warlords of Draenor, Legion, and BFA. Each expansion we have reformed the guild on a new server to give us a fresh start and interact with more like-minded individuals. Our guild success is dependent on motivation, respect, and dedication from raiders and in return we provide the opportunity to clear all raid content on heroic each expansion.


Weekdays – Tuesday/Wednesday: 9PM– 12PM Server

Weekends – Friday/Saturday: 9PM– 12PM Server

*Raid schedule is subject to change as the above are (2) options for Shadowlands. The guild and raiders will vote as a committee to decide the best time that fits the majority’s schedule.

**Alt-runs will also be available to those members who are unable to make raid times, you will have at least 3 opportunities a week to run through raids for gear. Please keep in mind, the goal is provide equal opportunity to every member and NOT your entire roster of alts.


Build a strong foundation: World of Warcraft is centered on social interactions of players and our goal is to provide a toxic-free place to call home. We’re interested in people who login frequently and socialize building relationships while setting personal agendas aside.

Start at the Core: The core of any guild is the members, this guild wants to focus on raiding and bringing as many people along for the ride as possible. With that said, certain expectations are required to make it fun and fair for the entire raid group. We will start with heroic dungeons and advancing to M+ continuing on to normal, finishing with heroic raiding. The only thing we ask from you login and participate with guild groups and NOT just login for raid night and be absent from the game until next week.

Guild First : We’re family. A guild is only as strong as its weakest member, this includes attitudes and behavior from the top down. We’re all adults here and complaining about running content you don’t need is not the right attitude for this guild. The raid leader has determined the majority needs to run to advance, as a raider you are expected to participate even if you’re beyond the raids loot table. Why is this? Because as a team we’re going to down the bosses, and progress not individually. I’ve seen too many good people get left behind because of a decision to move to the next tier leaving most of the guild behind.

Friends & Family: Bring the crew. Friends and family of members are always welcome, no questions asked. We have had a lot of husband and wife combinations that join, or families with kids.

Alt Runs: Yes we do them. As we progress through content it is natural to want to level another toon for fun or to try out another spec. Alt runs will be scheduled and ran at least once a week after the current content is cleared without multiple wipes. Alt runs will be setup, typically on the weekend. To keep the running moving smoothly, we ask that some already geared members help out with the run and rotate out to their alt on the following week.

Bottom line:

Our part of the deal:
Experienced and Organized Leadership
Relaxed and friendly environment for all raiders and members
Guaranteed progression
Guild repairs
Raid consumables
Discord channel

Your part of the deal:
High Attendance
Mature attitude
ZERO raid experience required
Motivated to learn raiding, and your class
Respectful criticism to improve your class
Be Social
No Raid loggers!

Discord (minimum to listen during dungeons and raids)

BattleNet: Neoramuh#1528, Addictive#1191

If you feel this guild is for you, please reach out and contact us using the contacts above on battle net.

Still looking for 1 Tank and 2 Healers for the raid team. Ranged DPS are also welcomed!

Bump! This is a fantastic guild!

Needing both ranged and melee dps now to fill raid slots. Casual members are also always welcomed!

Looking for awesome people

Come join us on an awesome adventure

If you are looking for an amazing guild to enjoy the game with, in a real community of really cool people, then please consider giving this guild a try.

I’ve been with the founders of the guild since the launch of BFA and, hands down, this guild is one of the top 5 reasons that I stay interested in the game.

Just absolute 10’s across the board. Please consider joining us. You won’t regret it. :slight_smile:


Great Guild, Great People, period.

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Come join us

Hands down, probably the best thing on this server that comes close to home.

Thank you to all those that have reached out, we are still looking for a few solid DPS (both melee and ranged). Our next raid is scheduled on Tuesday, July 14th @9PM server. If you are considering joining the guild, but would like to attend a raid, please message me on bnet at Neoramuh#1528.

Still looking for new members !

Come join us we have candy :slight_smile:

Come say hi and try us out