They claim that pre-made teams aren't stacked

I haven’t seen this. What does it say?

The quick queues revealed that a noticeable number of players were doing BGs in organized raids. This makes sense; the time it takes to form a premade is time well-invested for those players. But for the large number of players who choose to queue alone, there’s essentially no hope of winning the BG. There are a couple of ways we can try addressing this, and in this next test, we’d like to try restricting groups to a maximum of 5 players in all Battlegrounds. This should have the added benefit of allowing players who are in groups to quest while waiting in queue for Battlegrounds.

You see they even know that thier lower ques is what would create premades. SO fix thier own testing they did the 5 man groups only because ppl would just complain that others can make groups and they just cant seem to figure out how to make thier own.

Then they think we want the longer ques to quest…yet this test is nothing but making the ques shorter that by the time you start a quest its time to enter the bg.

They were talking about all BG’s and didn’t say a word about discord or voice comms. BTW, here’s how they “fixed” the above:

  • Groups will be restricted to a maximum of 5 players when joining the queue.

Unsure what this has to do with the AV discord, which is what I asked Cauchy about. Thanks for posting.

If you’re talking about this, Kaivax is specifically discussing how organized RAIDS were queuing for BGs, allowing full premades to dominate a BG. This could only apply to WSG, AB, and EotS as the change was made to limit in-game queuing to parties only. This says nothing about voice comm coordinated queuing.

Also note that Kaivax isn’t against premades.

This isn’t a statement of them wanting to bring down the hammer on premades, but rather they want to strike an appropriate balance. Premading is good, it just shouldn’t be overwhelming.

As per usual Cauchy, the Kaivax post says nothing close to what Cauchy tries to imply it states. The “complaints” in Kaivax’ post are by solo queue players jumping into AB, WSG, and/or EotS and facing full raid premades, not queue syncing via comms in AV.

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A previous post here made me realize that I hadn’t kept up with changes in Retail since about MoP. So I did some digging. Apparently, Blizzard has taken a stance against premade teams in random battlegrounds. Here are two articles from 2012, with Blue Post quotes:


At that time, they explicitly said that they weren’t going to be taking punitive actions, but they do acknowledge that pre-made teams ruin the experience for those who are not part of said teams, hence making the change against it.

If I may summarize the tone of the second article…

If you want organized PvP: Retail :arrow_right:


Actually, what I think he’s trying to say is that you sound like a (bad) lawyer who’s trying to convince a jury of something that you don’t even believe to be true.

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I’m kinda mad about his stupid Strat quest, tbh.



Any chance you can link the blue posts so I don’t have to actually read that?

Edit: NVM the links lead to generic Blizz pages now. Hurry up and get trust level 3.

The page displays differently on the phone for some reason.

They’re obvious from my laptop, though.

Then again, my laptop is from this century.



I meant the actual forum posts, which even a maroon like you can link, but we don’t have the forum from 2012 anymore.

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Yeah, it’s as readily available as that 2007 post that the kids seem to love so much.

In the end, Blizzard has taken stances against premade teams in random BGs before. Based on how things are coming, we’ll see yet another Retail-like feature in Classic.

Hence, players will drive change, yet again.

Poor you.

In other news it’s almost 6:00 time for these pre-mades.

Yeah, I just didn’t want to have to copy/paste then scroll.

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Not really.

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