These tank nerfs are terrible top to bottom

Can you elaborate for me please

This is a player skill problem, not a balance problem


in a way this change is a bad direction for healers as well (depending on your style/taste)…

i like more group focused healing :broken_heart:


This nerf is good, I say that as a tank player.

I also say healers need to do more damage and mastery needs to improve healer dps IMO.

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Surely there’s a way to make tanking fun that doesn’t involve pulling an entire continent’s worth of mobs.


It isn’t a skill problem. It’s a tanks not caring about the rest of the group problem.


100% a skill issue.

Yes, that is quite literally a skill problem. If the tank is doing things that cause players to die because they don’t care, that is skill

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This change will just weed out the bad tanks. I’d rather have 1 good tank vs 100 bad tanks.


So tanks were pretty op and were running ahead of everyone in dungeon runs. Berating those that couldn’t keep up. Blizzard has decided to nerf tanks. Now tanks are mad again.


The problem is that blanket nerfs are in general bad. Nerfing all tanks 10% across the board is not the answer. Tbh it should not even be happening at all. If they wanted to hit one of the tanks with the nerf bat it should have been warrior. That’s about it. Brew and BDK probably going to hurt a bit after this pointless change.

Side note Blizzard buffed prot paladins and brewmasters in the last week and they are also on the receiving end of this nerf. Just lol. It’s good to know that the devs still have no idea what they are doing.


No it isn’t tanks are just broken and people were abusing the fact at the cost of other peoples enjoyment this wasn’t an isolated occurrence.

Tanks reaped now they’re sowing


As someone who quests as a tank when there’s a tank spec, I am levelling as WW because BM feels so bad to play.

Okay, but can you please explain to me how a tank being a meanie and inconsiderate has to do with balance. I understand you’re saying they are OP, but to me it sounds like you’re saying tanks got a 10% blanket nerf because… they weren’t being nice. I just want someone to tell me why that 10% damage reduction was real bad in balance terms, not behavioral terms. I’m willing to change my mind here, I just want a real answer is all

I think that they’re trying to say that giving tanks too much has made them “invincible” so they don’t have to care what anyone else is doing or if anyone is dead and needs a res since they can pretty much solo the dungeon.

Not sure how much a 10% nerf is going to do, but we’ll see.

Well 90% of tanks are pulling all trash to the boss and tanking everything and no dying. No heals or dps needed. So that’s why there is the blanket nerf.

100% justify. Why have dps and heals in groups when tank are a one man army and won’t die? Mind as well run m+ with 5 tanks then. Tanks did this to themselves. Is not fun for everyone else who is just tying to keep up with tank and or kept dying coz tank doesn’t give a fig they are didn’t pull everything and one to tow mob were miss and is wacking the dps and healer but since they are so far ahead they couldn’t see what’s going on.

10% damage reduction nerf won’t do it. They need at least 25% damage reduction, 25% self heal and sbsord shield tank does and also 25 to 30% damage reduction. Monks can be skip since they are not doing AS great currently.

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Boring Healing = less healers = longer queues. :dracthyr_tea:

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The biggest incentive for me to tank is the players losing their bad attitudes. I think I’ll wait to run more instances until after the much needed nerfs take effect. Maybe it will curb that toxic gogogo rushrushrush mentality to some degree. Excellent job ActiBlizz! A big :+1: from Uncle Zee! No sarcasm intended at all. :hugs:

Semper Fi! :us: :ukraine:

Can anyone articulate why this nerf is “terrible”?
Was M0 a challenge to any tank class?

If the answer is no, then the nerf isn’t going to break anything. I mean people were tanking M0s straight from hitting level 70 without heroic dungeon gear. The nerfs make sense.


I understand, I just don’t think a 10% nerf is going to change that, you know? Bad tanks are still going to be bad tanks, they are still going to pull improperly, get people killed, and rush ahead. Being a little bit squishier wont make people more considerate or better at the game


Oh definitely.

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