These tank nerfs are terrible top to bottom

I’m kind of neutral on the issue. The healing meta was definitely looking like only spot and group healing would matter and that could be good or bad. Maybe their main concern is raid since healers are often balanced around being tank or raid healers?

Honestly, I’m just having lots of fun effectively playing with the best legendaries and covenants from SL. If tank healing in m+ starts to matter, it might give me an excuse to run Verdant Infusion.

I pity the healers.

But on that note, healer damage should be nerfed too.

Evoker healers are doing more than some dps specs

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I’m salty about playing through SL S4 with guardian druid needing those nerfs. I played probably 60 solo shuffles that ended in rage quit because of a guardian druid doing 80% of the damage of the instance. Shouldn’t have to play a whole season with a class that needs to be reduce by about 40% output. That’s not imbalance, that’s a bug.

ya’ll really complaining about a 10% damage increase on tanks? that is literally nothing. not when ignore pain is so OP, or guardian druids are outhealing healers in PVE. So, you mean to tell me, 10% more damage is going to be too hard for healers? really?


I was tanking and healing my entire group on my prot paly because I had extra holy power and the dps couldn’t chew through the mobs fast enough to justify pulling more.

The nerfs don’t seem so bad for paly at least, but I’m not pushing high keys or anything either so :man_shrugging:

Yeah think that’s because of a certain build which I don’t use but basically involves sacrificing healer oriented talents for some dps oriented talents in the main tree specifically to get the talent leaping flames.

Yup. I stopped playing PVP when said guardian Druid can carry flag and run BGs with stun immunity and self sustain.

Basically wow is a bad game if you want PvP content because game is so imbalanced.

A rogue can perma stun you from 100% to 0% and LOL over your body just because the kid rolled a rogue and you didn’t . Is this fair? Nope.

WM off. No more PvP for me forever


Yep. I saw it coming too. When one player out of five can pull an entire dungeon with no care or consequence in what is suppose to be a group activity, it’s time to bring out the nerf bat. Tanks can go cry in their beer because I have no sympathy for them. They brought this on themselves.


Nerf prot warriors and DH, but buff brewmasters. That’s all that needs to happen with tanks


I remember healing in 9.0, spamming surge into tanks wasn’t exactly fun. Tanks being self sufficient and having more group damage so the healers can heal DPS is better than that, any day of the week.

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Cutting the tank population by half will certainly resolve your service complaint.

(2 weeks later)

“Why are queue times so long Blizz fix your game!!oneone!”


Healers crying about being “not needed” mostly.

DPS just wants fast dungeons because they going to the back of another long queue. Thanks to these nerfs, it just got longer.

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Fair enough. I’ll remind you of this post when you come back to whine about queue times next.

Fun tanks = more tanks = shorter queues.


A DK was outhealing me (HPri) and solo a boss when we the rest of us wiped. This was in I think Halls? Kinda nutty. I barely had to heal lol.

Though, if they think this will lessen big pulls, they’re sadly mistaken.

I think they’re designed that way. DKs should be the only tank that has offensive levels of self healing.


Yeah I think you’re right. When I was playing TBC they were decent enough but I never seen one solo mobs and bosses here so it’s new to me I guess. More time to DPS then lol.

If the absorb shield we get from Death Strike was a full absorb instead of a melee absorb, this would help. But that’s unlikely to change since we already have the “strongest” spell mitigation in-game outside of Prot Warrior’s Ignore Pain.

All tanks need a serious looking at. My primary concern, is not the healing we can do, but the damage we output. We should NOT be doing as much damage as a DPS.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Don’t hold your breath. I’m finished with normal and heroics and I only M+ with guildies.

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Agree when tanks (I also tank on my druid ) literally do the most damage, need 0 heals I can pull the whole pack from one boss to the next and tank the mob and the boss and my hp don’t even drop below 80% in mp that’s an issue.

Is not fun for the group’s. We have tanks who doesn’t give a fig about anyone in their groups just keep pulling so why do we have group content then?

I say there needs more nerf. Need more like reduce damage reduction by 25% and self healing by 20% and damge by 15% expect monks.


Because the tank not having to rely on the healer or the rest of the group incentivizes terrible play.