These tank nerfs are terrible top to bottom

Good that’s what you get. Tanks are being ridiculous right now. Pulling large amounts of mobs yet not holding agro to them. Groups dying because some of the did not get pulled properly. I saw this one coming from day one. Face it right now tanks don’t care who dies in groups as they pull because they are not in danger.


They nerfed all tanks by 10%. That’s it. I don’t think it is really going to change much.


Between the miserable players and Blizzard constantly ruining tanks, this is why I stopped maining Prot class after about a decade. I apologize to the friendly players for your queue times, but enough is enough.

Tanks need to go on strike!


Can’t strike when ur ded. Rip Brewmaster


I take you at your word that M+ did feel good. I’m not making a judgement on M+, I wasn’t a beta tester this time around and haven’t experienced it yet. But Heroic and Mythic 0 tanking is way too easy apart from a few pulls and one or two bosses, you don’t even notice being damaged. Hopefully they will adjust the scaling to feel in line with the new DR levels. :slight_smile:


Horrible decision on their part. Maybe i’ll go back to healing :man_shrugging:


Clearly you aren’t aware that tanks can solo dungeons and some tanks (DHs, prot pally if pull is big enough) will out dps the dps. Tanks are basically invincible, the healers are there to heal the dps atm, not the tank. You can be salty all you want, but don’t say there was no reason.


Aegis of Light doesn’t reduce damage by 10% anymore? That’s it? So, instead of hitting a procced WoG once during a fight, I’ll have to hit it a second time? Game destroying!

Prot warriors 1000% needed to be looked at.

But I question why their talent which heals them for 85% of their deep wound damage wasn’t touched. Heck it was buffed a few days ago!

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Actually it makes the game a lot more fun when the tank doesn’t just rush through ignoring the group completely and letting everyone die because they’re so damn broken


Essentially removing a spec from the game is weak.

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100% No it doesn’t

If tanks can self sustain, it just means healers don’t get any spot for m+ and most raid teams gonna reduce the number of healers getting taken to raids.

This is not fair to them.

Same rationale why tank damage should be nerfed. Otherwise, what’s the role of DPS?

Bear tanks are doing 10k + in dungeons while DPS hunters doing 8k then why not just bring 5 bears into a key ?


Anyone whose been paying attention to the Mythic+ scene knew this was coming from miles away. Tanks were strong.

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This is what I don’t get about people who say that tanks “should” be strong.

It’s like… uh, duh, the healers already complain that dungeons are too easy and that they spend all their time DPSing and there’s very little need to heal.

Sounds like we really do have a problem with tanks being too ridiculous, though I think 10% really isn’t going to change that much to be quite honest.

Ragemode, I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

I’ve seen MM hunters doing 75k+ burst in my mythics. They top the charts.


Nah it totally does benefit me the Healer being dead after one of the packs the tank didn’t pull properly swarms me and kills me as I struggle to keep both myself and the DPS alive :dracthyr_lulmao:

(If it isn’t obvious this is sarcasm)


Yup. I got kicked because I was lagging behind while immortal tank went from one boss to the other Agro the whole room.

I was still skinning the last boss and the guy already almost reached the next . This is what happens when tanks don’t need to wait for DPS or Healers


They need even more nerfs


Literally like it was either Tank nerf or few weeks in people would of been complaining about a healer shortage.

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