These feral buffs

are just disrespectful


asks for healing buff. gets healing buff. complains


yeah man my 10k regrows will now do 12k on nearly 1mil hp pool wow so good


14k. its a 40% buff.

exactly laughable!

warriors literally heal more than feral and will continue to out heal a hybrid


non hybrids generally heal for more nowadays because their healing is limited to themselves

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Ferals not gonna be happy until regrowth tops from 5 to 80% while still keeping their degenerate 6 second cyclone/feral frenzy talents


I want to try a cycloneless feral build in shuffle. Try out things like protector of the pack, ursine vigor, and strength of the wild.

That logic would apply if feral healing actually did anything to teammates this expansion. The globals would be better spent trying to cc or clone, avoiding the damage on your teammate altogether instead of trying to outheal two dots worth of damage.


Speaking on behalf of every feral in the game, we would happily trade the cheesy garbage clone spam talent that makes us a pseudo-caster (wild attunement), in exchange for being a proper hybrid with meaningful healing / defensives / mobility

Also, make cyclone a 1.5s cast for all specs / not reduced by haste. People are mad at feral clones because of boomies - same reason high winds got nerfed by 50%, boomie half second casts spamming it (full haste and pre-nerf owlkin) vs feral 1.5s (no haste)


Make hybrids great again


I tried it and it’s zero fun for me personally. You literally feel like you’re doing nothing and instead running a mythic+ dungeon.

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Classes without healing trees out healing classes with them, even with hybrids spending talent points to increase those heals…

How bout we all promise not to heal anyone else and buff hybrid healing output by 30%+ so we can keep up with the healing that classes without healing trees do. God forbid a casted heal = more than 5% of HP. Feral might need more than 30% from here I don’t know.

What?!?!?! A casted heal that heals more than 2 auto attacks in 20% damp? NO WAY!!!


I am going wait and see how the buffs really register. Ferals seem to need to be tanky not sure if healing is the way to go but it’s Blizzards game

Felt like buffing bear form would have been the right choice and make it actually help vs magic a bit more. This way in bear they do no damage but survive , No one wants a SUPER tanky feral with its current damage output


I want to feel like boomy and put dots on everything then sit bear and do giga pad damage while maintaining the plausible deniability that the spec is bad, not me, when it all goes wrong

What’s wrong with Feral having decent healing? Talking in principle here?
How much healing is cloak or evasion worth? Bubble?

How much healing is poly/gouge/KS/Fear/disarm etc. Any one of those can easily prevent hundreds of thousands in damage, that is always better than healing through damage because it saves healers mana and globals and isn’t effected by DAMP. Feral having a strong HoT is no different in terms of class power and damp will kill it as the match goes on unlike other tools that help you survive.


You keep your teammate alive when healer is controlled, which is why basically every hybrid’s off healing has been omega gutted. Aug was the worst offender before it got nuked.

the playstyle of feral healing is not fun ,

there is more outplay if you can time your defenses (if they are strong enough) and actually have the satisfaction of knowing hey I outplayed that player

with one button healing there is not real outplay just a lazy “fix”

I say the healing job should be for the healer so they feel more impactful

Yes and a warrior will do the same with intervene (warrior sac) disarm, fear, storm bolt, pummel, shockwave, rally cry. Like every DPS spec in the game can’t support their teammate while a healer is CCed.

So you can be CCed into oblivion by a rogue to stop a kill but off healing naw, that’s broken.

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