There will be no reparations



Didn’t she write a mini-novel recently about how she was leaving WOW and the forums?


I’m pretty sure she’s come back, so at least she didn’t bite the dust as people thought.


her loyalists are being rounded up, chained and imprisoned throughout Orgrimmar.

At the risk of being inflammatory, most of them aren’t. There’s a line of diehards in chains but there’s also a ton of little dialogue events around the city of Horde leaders showing up to say “Leave them alone we all have to forgive and forget.” Some of them say ‘I was fooled’ but the general tone is just ‘let’s move on’. Now, they had to do it this way to make Horde playable after the disaster that was the Horde experience in BFA, but certainly there’s no feeling that loyalists are pariahs in Orgrimmar. Baine basically calls those persecuting them bigots.

And as a loyalist PC you don’t even get a finger-wagging, really, Eitrigg just says ‘we’re still cool’ and you’re set. They don’t even confiscate your plaguebat. You get to beat the brakes off the Alliance so bad that even them+rebelHorde might not have been enough (if we trust the war campaign cinematics) and then… go about your day. But on the inverse, the lack of consequences also means a lack of reward: Where’s my title/cosmetic, Blizzard? I want a smug grin emote or toy if it turns out Sylvanas is Kerrigan.


Why would Elesana play a Dwarf man?

So while it’s still addressed, in the end the horde gets away with it. Maiev is right, instead of taking responsibility the Horse is shifting the blame. You have to give it to them, they are quite good at that.

Genocide of the Dreanei- "That was the demon blood, not us in our right mind. "

Bombing of Theramore- "That was Garrosh and his followers, not all of us. "

Teldrassil- “That was Sylvanas and not all of us liked it.”


I have the feeling you are becoming increasingly paranoid or are in full denial that there are probably more NE players who think exactly the same?

Seems to be a strange concept for you horde players to understand that there are opinions and viewpoints that are conflicting and simply different to you owns and even wide spreat in that case.

No not every NE player who hates the Story and how it was done is one player.


Did you honestly expect differently? As much as I advocate for the Horde to face at least some repercussions, I suffer no delusions that the devs’ pets actually will.


looks at camera

However the continuous outrage, criticism and full out rejection of the story and the whole teldrassil fiasco has not been remotely calmed down and is still the major conflict point.

So Blizzard this time seems to have not such an easy time to shove it under the rug like it was done with Theramore.

Not sure wether or not that will lead to a satisfying story, but they appear as if the are forced to implement details and story parts that cater expecially to NEs in order to cool down the hatred of the players.

I mean look at this thread or the others. 2 Years after the WoT stupidity it is still the most relevant topic. Blizzard doesn’t seem to get away with it this time and it will cost them more and more players.

Shadowlands will have a raise again of course but wit 9.1 if there are no direct story paths leading to BFA conclusions, people will drop the expansion like a hot potatoe again. Like they did with BFA.

Since this expansion has nothing to offer gameplay wise that ist not BFA. It is technically the same expansion still.

But back on topic:
I don’t think we will see reperations or stuff like that. At most we will either see continous war, since the NEs have been written to are not even remotely interested in peace anymore and the peace mongering characters have been abducted (Which might have been the reason for their abduction, since if war continues more souls get to the maw) or we will see again a MoP/WoD ending where everyone just forgets about it.

How ironic of Maiev.

FACT: Reparations only guarantees future misery.

Forcing Germany to pay reparations after WW I is the EXACT reason 60 million souls died in WW II.

Reparations is a penalty one faction places upon another because they are capable of doing so. It NEVER means those that have sanctions imposed upon them will no longer be an issue- in fact it almost guarantees a future where they visit far worse upon you in the future as THEIR vengeance.

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But what has been done after ww2 with germany? Occupation. Nurnburg Trial. Denazification and Reparation with the Marshall plan.
And forced change of gouvernment that needed to be approved by the allies.

Germany was occupied and the faction that was responsible completely dismanteled and then integrated into the allied themselves.

So with the Horde it would mean:
-Occupatinon of Orgimmar
-Trial held to get every single loyalist and even the repsonsibles who participated, even guardmen were arrested and procecuted.
-complete dismantle of the horde and its institutions
-building of a new government that is approved by the alliance
-integration of the horde races into the alliance.

That is how WW2 ended and which then led to a prosperous germany that has since then never started any war or aggression again.

I always found it pretty funny that Germany lost two World Wars yet it’s still one of the most prosperous countries in Europe.

Funnyly because of the Marshall Plan the US has rolled out to help rebult not only germany but all of Europe.
The US knew they need a strong Europe for 1) trading and 2) as a bullwark against the sovjets. So they roleld out huge credits to rebuild the continent.

The countries in Europe that were not allowed to take the credits of teh marshall plan (the soviet occupied ones) are still extremely behind in comparison to the other countries in Europe.
Without the Marshall plan germany would be in teh same boat as romania or belarus or pretty much every other former sovjet country.

Oh tell me about it, I live in one. Though I suspect a lot has to do with the mantality of the population. I think a lot of people overlook that when they talk about reason for why a country is doing well/bad.

Well I didn’t want to blaime the country at all, but the sovjet leadership that prohibited countries like poland, romania etc to take the credits.

I mean east germany was as bad economicly and is still yet behind west germany even though west germany was pumping trillions worth of money into it after reunification.

One other secret of germanys success however was the adaption of social capatalims as the form of how the economy shoudl be structured. It enables the state to take action and regulate the market so exploitation and collapses are not that easyly possible.

I wouldn’t say that the mentality is so differently. I absolutely despise it when people say things like people in the eastern countries don’t work hard or such. They do.
It is just that due to dezanzification west germanys gouvernemnt institutions were also as a byproduct cleansed of corruption which led to a very efficient rebuilding phase.

good way to ensure wow dies


Oh, it’s not about individuals working hard. I think goes to the very core of the country’s structure. What problems are tackled, what we teach our children, etc.

Problem is, that both the Horde AND Sylvanas are the writers pets. They want both to get away unscarred and both parties could and should have been brought to justice.

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