There no revered rewards for supply faction?

Nobody said it was difficult lol, its just wrong.

I think the key is not to fill every box. Pick the ones that are supported by your professions, and the ones that don’t have such expensive mats. I mean, there’s some boxes that I’d never be able to afford to fill, but others I could do for about 3-4 gold

Has anyone noticed you can’t turn the shipment in unless you filled it? Working as intended?

There’s nothing ‘wrong’ about my comment, you just failed to comprehend what was being said.

I did not say “you can turn in unfilled supply boxes in Phase2” – you added that yourself.

(say 50 rep)

^— why would I include this? because I wasn’t saying what you think I was saying.

ikr? Blizz finally lets us carry 12, and most are only worth vendoring. pretty cool


It is, yeah.

In order to make it so we could pick up more than one waylaid supplies at a time, we can no longer turn them in empty. You have to fill them first now, but you can have up to twelve in your inventory before going back to town now.

do you think that having other content might have helped?
cause nothing in this phase.

I see that as an acceptable trade off. As opposed to now, which is you must kill that level 26 elite.

…and then there’s Phase 3, where you’ll need to grab Phase 1 and Phase 2 runes.

So yes, I’d rather spend 500g to just power level the rep to Revered and know that once the next phase comes out, that alt needs only walk up to an NPC to buy the runes from the previous phases.

Reading your post, it seems like you are telling people they can hand in unfilled supply crates like you could in P1. There is zero context that you’re suggesting a change and not just posting as if there weren’t changes to supply crates coming in to P2.

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I’ve been having a ton of fun so far actually! Got 5 days and 6 hours /played at lvl 40 so far!

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Has anyone tried bartering through proffesion face to face?

Like swapping 3 chests for 10 ore or w/e?

Is that not a thing?

And yet you picked up on it just fine.

That just cannot be, for the forums say there is no content at 40. Absolutely 0 D:

Which means only one thing: you’re a phony!!!

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and yet 10 ppl sat here and still dont understand what you are trying to say.

Maybe look inwards


and yet 10 ppl sat here and still dont understand what you are trying to say.

There’s something that isn’t my problem.

Just want to say, as others have already…we want both the option to turn in empty crates for a lesser reward AND be able to hold multiple unfilled crates. Especially with the space crunch most of us are facing, I really dont know why having both would be unreasonable.


Because of the following posts, not the ambiguous one being discussed.

“will some midwit understand my post?”

^— There’s something that isn’t my problem (when commenting).

choked on my spit.

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Multiple people have pointed out your post was worded in a way that did not communicate correctly what your idea was. If you still think that everyone else is the problem when you’re the common denominator, then you’re the “midwit.”

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