There no revered rewards for supply faction?

On a side note: maaaaaaaybe perhaps an updated pvp cloak for R5?


Not sure how people are apparently dropping 50-100g on 12 boxes. on Lone Wolf I was able to get revered day 2 and spent maybe 10g tops. play the game. don’t fill every box. stop complaining. y’all want to remove any form of grind or difficulty and then complain that there isn’t anything in the game. boxes are free to fill if you farm the mats. GG.


yeah except the last one is more rep, some exp, and losing 10+g in the conversion. Not that I wish it wasn’t mind.

Currently got the mats to finish my last box to revered and can’t wait to see what becomes available to me!


Right – my plan would be to hit Revered by turning in unfilled boxes for a pittance of rep (when Blizzard gets around to implementing this change).

There are pvp cloaks on the STV vendor and Rank 5 rewards were always bracers which is why they added updated lvl 40 bracers to the PvP vendor in SW/Org for Rank 5.

I would not expect another cloak

Because I had the gold to spend from farming in Phase 1. To be clear, I’m not complaining that it cost me 100g to get to Revered. I’m just looking forward to seeing what the rewards for doing so actually turn out to be!

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I meaaaaan yea, i got my 1% crit cloak

But in hobbit speak: what about 2nd cloak


My comment was not directed at you, more so almost everyone else. Hopefully you get some solid rewards for your hard work and contributions to the commerce. Cheers.

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Heh, I know what you mean. I’m definitely using the Drape of Dismantling over the 1% crit cloak whenever I finally get it from Gnomer.

Fair enough, my original post mentioned 100g and your post said 50-100g so I assumed you’d glossed over my original post and it had informed yours, heh. Cheers!

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Understandably im probs being selfish but if there was a loot update something should hopefully buff the R5.

But the meat of this is the revered reward stuff from vendor so heres big hype that its good.

Would love to craft some good good BS gear/plate or even weapons.

I bet money that the hint “unique to original wow” is dual spec

How about fix broken runes like EARTHSHIELD first?!

I’m hoping there’s a unique 16 slot bag as well to match the earlier rewards from friendly and honored that had bags with them. I don’t want to be greedy and ask for four of them, which is why I’m okay if its unique lmao.

I’ve got all 14 slots from Phase 1 already and it feels bad not to get to upgrade my bags in Phase 2. Everyone knows that increasing bag space is the true endgame of all versions of WoW after all.


Lol@ people dumping cash instead of alt farming like chads


What about the honored rewards. When the runes were moved down to friendly blizz said they would be adding rewards for honored and then never did anything.

I’m not having this problem.

I very much doubt the people working on class design are the same people adding rep items. As much as we meme on it being a “small indie company”" lets remember Blizz has thousands of employees.

kinda disappointing. I couldnt afford to hand in the supplies and i had a full stash of them and had to delete to make space because i cant afford 100g for stash space and all the pvp/pve and offspec gear…

so i basically deleted like 12 of the supplies i tried to “save” and since nothign was ever added i decided i needed the stash space.

Oh a bag regardless should be there lol

But im hoping for some good good crafting items :smiley: