There no revered rewards for supply faction?

I mean seriously…


Recipe for lesser arcane elixir. Those are going for 4g each on the AH.


We mentioned last week that we want to add some new revered reputation rewards for the Azeroth Commerce Authority and Durotar Supply and Logistics factions. We originally planned to do this yesterday, but we hit a technical snag with some of the rewards, because they’re a bit unique to original WoW.

It’s looking like a short delay, and we’re working to put the rewards in place and share some more info about them very soon.

Thank you for your patience.


what is the point of doing this, when we cant even turn in when empty to get rep.
majority of the mats required have gone up so much, its not worth doing ever.
so many have been vendor instead.
Put back being able to turn in empty for a portion of rep/money then add more.


Please make it the Phase 1 runes…

I don’t mind Indiana Jones-ing for runes on the main. But dear lord this is painful on alts. Like…they’re alts because I didn’t want to focus on them. So any extraneous effort isn’t welcomed on them.


Can you make it so we can turn in unfilled boxes? As it is im just vendoring them for 20s because im not paying 20g to fill a box.


They simply aren’t affordable to fill, even doing my own prof based ones does not cut it, as I’m lucky to find any and they’re a resource hemorrhage. I filled about 80% of the crates I found in P1 and it was not as bad as people made it out to be. In P2 I cant justify a box that takes 20-40gold to fill.


Quoted For Truth
Not worth the 12-20 gold per turn in.


I mean, p1 runes are WAY easier to get than getting REVERED with the commerce… Like seriously? Kill a 26 elite at level 40, or farm 500 gold to fill these dumb crates haha

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want rep? turn in an unfilled supply box (say 50 rep)
want money? vendor the unfilled supply box (at current value in silver)
want (more) rep, (more) money, and (some) experience? turn in the filled supply box

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You havent been able to turn in unfilled boxes since day 1 of p2.

Turn in full or vendor. Those are your 2 options.


Thank you for the non-insight – I am well aware.

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Having spent about 100g on filling the 12 boxes I needed to fill to get to Revered, I’m very much looking forward to what these rewards ‘unique to original WoW’ are!

I knew ahead of time that there was nothing waiting for me at revered because of bugs and the fact that I’m not an alchemist, but it didn’t really lessen the sting of having nothing to get once I did hit revered lol.

Very excited!


Please also fix the Earth shield bug

Please make the rewards account-wide

Then what exactly was the point of your first post? Oh that’s right, there wasn’t one. Thank you for your lack of insight. Box of tools


“I want all the rewards with none of the effort”

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Change the mats needed for the boxes or let us turn in empty boxes.

I’m not making my self bankrupt to fill these stupid boxes.

Yaaaaaaaay :smiley: thank you!!!

My post is not difficult to understand. You can read it as many times as you need to “get it”.

Seething is optional.

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