The WoW trinity

Your barking the wrong tree it is clear you don’t.


Do you?

Because that’s not it.


More delusional, unrealistic demands.



a woman with whom a man cohabits without being married

  • one having a recognized social status in a household below that of a wife

  • a mistress

You literally don’t know what a concubine is.

You just posted the actual definition showing you don’t know what it is either. lmao


Just had to go past page 1 of General Discussion.

Cool. Those people aren’t me. I wasn’t anywhere near this forum yesterday, or for almost a week.

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Please highlight where that definition has the words “sex” or “Slave”


They all are married ,do you know what you are talking about.You have you main wife that controls the house and the lesser wives. You need to read up on cultures before hammering this.

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Anuke! You can’t just ask people why they’re killing them!

Stop trying to be an opportunist to use tragedy to push your crap.

This is the victims moment, not yours.

  1. No. This infringes on other people’s rights and personal choices. You do not have to wear skimpy armor if you do not wish to. That is as far as your choices go. If Blizzard wants to make such items, that is their creative right. Not yours.

  1. People have wanted the pants version in game for years. Again, this is a case of personal choice. Add glyph variants for those who want it or perhaps overhaul Warlock Demons to be comparable to Hunter Pets. Also familiarize yourself with what a Succubus actually is historically. They are not submissive, they are predators that kill men.

  1. Fair. Lets replace them with loaves of bread. It worked great for Scholomance when other people were offended by the depictions of death. Point of fact, lets remove everything one individual finds offensive.

  1. No arguments on the final point. A more robust character design interface would be great.


Then they wouldn’t be a concubine. Blizzard should change their name since that’s not what they are according to you.

Head bang moment :confounded:

If we’re going by the definition you provided,

is not a

To cohabit is consensual.


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I was wondering when you’d resurface.

  1. Anyone should be allowed to dress however they want for any reason they want. Removing options is just a step removed from putting everyone in Burkas. People can control their urges without a draconian dress code.

  2. The succubus thing makes no sense. They’re a species of demon that’s well established, not just in WoW lore but Christian mythology as well. I do agree with adding an incubus, though. As well as a ton of other demon skins. Women and demons are different things.

  3. Concubines are a real thing. Again, you can’t project into this. As far as we know, all those demons/blood elves wanted to be there. It’s a fantasy game. Fantasies are ok.

  4. Agree with body types, and many more customizations besides.


Not saying it’s you, but that your topics (which is considered bait) were already talked about.

Either way, there’s more serious things to fix in game to curb horrible players and bad behavior like idk…ACTUAL MODERATORS IN GAME. WoW would be so much better if they had actual moderators and not a robot listening to in game player reports of spammers (lookin’ at you AOTC Mythic P2W sellers) and cleaning up the place.



You don’t like revealing mogs? Don’t use them.

The succubus is fine. It’s a demon the warlock made a deal with to gain her services, not a sex slave

This just in: villains do bad things. News at 11.

Only thing you said that was reasonable.


THIS ^^^^^

What does this have to do with me