The Water Strider Nerf is Great

I have a water strider. I’ve had one for quite a while now. I’m tired of constantly riding it everywhere since it’s the only mount with water-walking.

  1. If you have either strider, you’ll get free mount equipment that lets you walk on water in your mail.
  2. We’ll be flying in 8.2, so it doesn’t matter that much, does it?

Not sure why people are complaining about it. You can still grind for the mount. What you grinded for is still there. There’s just no water-walking ability naturally anymore. If you want it, just attach it and ride your strider.

Not a big deal.

EDIT: Something Kaivax said.


I don’t know why people are complaining either. Waterstrider can still waterwalk like before. Other mounts can waterwalk now.

It’s overall a buff.

Mount equipment has been one of the most requested features. Now for some reason people are complaining about it.


I feel like the complaint wouldn’t exist if instead of the equipment being character based and applies to all your mounts universally, the equipment was mount based and affected that mount across all characters.


The only downside is I see is if you change your mount equip it gets destroyed. It’s going to be cumbersome.

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The strider was always situational and a reward for thr peeps who ground it out. If the intent is only to allow one mount skill at a time it would be only fair to also nerf water walking and path of frost while mounted also. The strider abiliy is no less iconic than the class skills for shammy and DK andthe nerf is just one more example of blizzards most sacred policy, FUN DETECTED, FUN REMOVED! (also usefulness detected, uselessness restored!).

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I think you could have added these thoughts to the other thread you just posted asking about how people feel about the 8.2 preview or you could have posted it in one of the other 100 strider threads.

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That’s a fair point. I guess the big thing we’ll have to see how many times we’d want to change the equipment.

It seems like the previewed abilities are pretty minor. I doubt people will change them too often.

True. I wonder will the mount equipment work together with the LW barding? If not personally I see myself switching between daze protection and water walking quite often (I have many characters with no tank spec).

I think the water striders are pretty neat, but dear lord when it’s the only mount I can depend on for a year, it really isn’t that fun. I like showing off some of my cooler mounts.

It’s gotten ugly to me because I’ve seen it too much at this point lmao

This is how I feel. It’s overall a huge buff for all our mounts at the expense of nerfing one mount. Totally worth it imo. Funny enough, now I can’t wait to grind out my waterstrider via timewalking. ha

Replaced with what it did without the equipment. And still gotta buy it to walk on water for alts.

It does matter since there is still more grinding in 8.2 to still get flying.

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This is what we grinded for - to have the ability, across all characters, on a single mount, for free.


I disagree with Pathfinder being gated, but at least we’re getting flying. Can’t complain about that. It isn’t that much grinding, either way.

I guess there is a weird feeling considering the functionality of the Water Strider is literally in its name, but otherwise, I think people are making a big deal out of nothing.

I’m out of likes, but this gets a thumbs up from me. :+1:

Seems to me that people who always wanted water walking on other mounts besides the water strider (or other classes than DK’s and shammies) only had to make or buy a water walking potion.

Did they remove water walking potions from the game some time recently that I missed?

/moo :cow:

because it “GASP” devalued the effort they put in to acquire it!

This, in the entire history of WoW, has never happened before. Ever.

/sarcasm off

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Oh. Also, here’s something from Kaivax that you guys might be interested in. (I’ll edit it into the original post as well):

The nerf is not great. It would be best to give the Water Striders the same exemption from equipment that the Sky Golem has. That way, if someone wants to have water walking on all mounts, they can. If they want the daze immunity, they can do that, and just swap to the water strider when they need to. It’s win/win, IMHO, and promotes player agency.


If it’s so great let’s expand on it and remove flight from mounts but add it back in with equipment.