The Unofficial Saurok Playable Race Discussion Megathread! 🐊

So it appears we will have 40 more renown levels to work towards in the next patch:

There is also suppose to be a new campaign during the next patch, which completing it grants flying for all your characters. So far, from my understanding, it isn’t clear if there will be covenant specific campaigns again or, because the covenants are working together come next patch, if it is just one campaign with maybe different dialogue or cut scenes depending on your covenant.

Regardless, I’ll be sure to look into it and see if any other Saurok spirits pop up. I’m happy I worked on a Necrolords character to be able to check that out.

Flying also will make it easier for me to do some exploring in some of the Shadowlands areas. I may not find too much with regards to Saurok, but still worth a look in my opinion!

Also, my Seraphon Battle tome finally shipped! I should get it in a couple of days, in which I’m looking forward to flipping through it. If I ever start working on making a Seraphon army, I may share that also, but it might be a bit before I can do that.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to try to keep the playable Horde Saurok dream alive! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:

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You can have your snake peoples in the Horde, Alliance should get kitty people already. Not sure why blizz hasn’t already given them to us. Alliance subs would go up! Cats rule.

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Hmm… I always kinda saw them as a Horde race.

bestial and savage, but struggling to survive against the Arakkoa?

Plus they make a nice setup for Cat vs. Dog jokes with the Worgen…

I’d prefer Sethrak Neutral, Saurok Horde though… so maybe… Saberon would be interesting in the Alliance in the end. :stuck_out_tongue: Plus could still do cat vs. dog jokes.


Night Elves are bestial and savage as well, though :smiley: And we can have cat vs. dog jokes all to ourselves that way. :stuck_out_tongue: Snakes make more sense for the Horde. And they need more green characters.

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I personally lean towards Saberon in the Alliance mostly because the AU Laughing Skull Clan, who are part of the Horde, hunt the Saberon for their hearts. Regardless of what faction they’d end up on, I’d be happy to see them playable.

I am a strong supporter for Saurok in the Horde, and with Sethrak I’d be fine to see them on either Horde or Alliance, although I lean towards Alliance more with Sethrak. Regardless, WoW is lacking in playable reptiles, and both Saurok and Sethrak would bring some much needed flavor in the character creation and customization department. :crocodile: :snake:


I totally see your logic, and I do agree… I just want cats, sorry lol. Guess I should post on my main to make it obvious, yes, I am a girl, go figure.

HOWEVER. Have you ever watched a cat kill a snake? My 8 pound Lynx Point Siamese was hilarious about it. She sat and watched this damn copperhead (I saw out the window onto the porch, was about to run for the broom) as it bobbed it’s head at her, then she casual-af reached out and lobbed it’s head off. Granted it was a small snake, still young enough to have a yellow tail, but still, it was hilarious.

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Nothing to be sorry about! We all have races we are passionate about and really love in general. Lizardmen are my absolute favorite if you can’t tell. :lizard:

I actually have a character slot in reserve for if we happen to get Saberon playable. I did have a male Vah Shir Bard from Everquest 1 that I would love to remake in WoW, likely as a Rogue with a tiger fur pattern if that became a customization option.

The slots I have in reserve for Saurok characters also come from Iksar characters I had in Everquest 1 as well. They in particular mean a lot to me since they were among the first characters I ever made in Everquest 1. Being able to remake them as Saurok characters in WoW would honestly be a dream come true for me.

It’s a reason I continue to hope to see playable Horde Saurok on that character creation screen someday. A playable lizardmen race in WoW would be pretty big also, in my opinion. Saurok would be perfect for that! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:


If you look on the in-game calendar next month, you’ll find that on March 17th through the 19th, there is a micro event called “Un’Goro Madness.” A general detail of the event is here:

One of the named mobs involved in this micro event is this Saurok that I’ve talked about before in a previous patch:

Wowpedia says he is from the Skumblade Tribe, though how they figured it out I am unsure, let alone how a Saurok managed to get from the Isle of Thunder to Un’Goro solo is also unclear.

An interesting thing to note about this Saurok is that he is a dinomancer, which gives me the thought of Saurok working with Zandalari as dinomancers. Maybe even having friendly rivalries between them both.

Anyway, I’ve talked about this Saurok before and there isn’t much to him since he is more or less a jobber for people to kill for the event. However, on the subject of Un’Goro in general, it seems like a potential spot for playable Horde Saurok to set up and live.

Saurok in Un’Goro is an idea that was presented in Hearthstone, in “Journey to Un’Goro” in the game (something else I’m talked about before in the megathread):

“Saurok make their first Hearthstone apperance as one of the races inhabiting Un’Goro Crater in Journey to Un’Goro, even though Un’Goro is on an entirely different continent than Pandaria and is not previously known to be home to saurok. However, according to Dean Ayala, the fact that the saurok were created by the mogu, who in turn were created by titans, combined with Un’Goro being such a heavily titan-influenced location, makes it “not so unrealistic” that similar beings were created there.”

A few benefits of living in Un’Goro Crater:

Plenty of animals to hunt, including the challenge of devilsaurs.

A few bodies of water to swim around in and get fish from.

The ecosystem could work well for Saurok to live in, as reptiles like living in rainforests and such.

If some Saurok joined the Horde, they could act as a Horde outpost there and also generally help protect the southern part of the continent. Thunderbluff is close by for trade and also to do joint hunting.

Un’goro Crater is just one of many other possibilities for playable Horde Saurok to reside in. They could also be on their own continent in a future expansion if they take a bigger role in a it as well, but there are plenty of spots where they could just set up shop to work as an allied race of sorts.

Anyway, just a fun idea I wanted to share. I did also get my Seraphon Battle Tome in the mail, which I’m excited to look through even if I can’t really quite start building an army out of it yet. It’ll take me a bit to go through it, but when I do, I’ll post any Saurok ideas I get from it. :lizard:

More Saurok research to continue in the future! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:

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If they do make them a playable race I may have to make one just because of how much you’ve told us about them, lol!


Bagzak got me to come up with a whole story about a Saurok hunter who desires to taste the quisine of all the races of the world…

Now I need them…



The idea of Saurok traveling around the world to try out and learn different recipes, all of them likely involving meat in some fashion, is a really neat idea. Being a Hunter is also fitting, as they can go out and hunt for the ingredients themselves, making the dishes they make that much more rewarding! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:


Gonna make him a survival Hunter too. Feels oddly better that way. :stuck_out_tongue:


One of my remaining character slots I’m saving is for a Horde Survival Hunter. Hunters are my favorite class to where I wanted to have a character dedicated to each spec on each faction. Only have a Horde Survival Hunter left to make.

I was toying with the idea of a Saurok Survival Hunter, if we’re lucky enough to see them playable someday. The idea of a lizardman race wielding a spear reminds me when I first looked into Everquest and first saw the Iksar. I settled on an Iksar Shadow Knight as my first character, but a hunting lizardman race with a spear does seem really fitting.

Also on the subject of character slots, I’m still hoping we’ll be able to get more per account. I have a lot of character ideas I want to make and sadly have little room to make them. I’ll always save a slot for a potential Ogre character and a few for potential Saurok characters, of course! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:


I could go either way, some of the cosmic stuff is intriguing, but I’d also be all for a new southern continent or two that are all chock full of lore and races and such.

I’m pretty bummed about the whole customization thing, body options, allied races, even classes…I’m still playing but a fair bit demoralized. With a company this big, they could easily be pumping out awesome stuff to make players happy and attract new ones.

Feel like it’s unlikely I’ll get to play any of the races I’d really enjoy playing.
I’m kinda hanging in there though.

I’d be all for just removing all gameplay faction divisions and adding another faction of various beastial tribes that have come to an agreement to work towards the survival of Azeroth. Saurok, Sethrak, maybe even Quillboar. Could have all of them be shaman races or something and they send representatives to Magni as their tribal shaman are telling them the spirits/elements whatever are calling for their action and send them to him being the Speaker.
Oooh, Saberon would work too.

Hey the …Arakkoa too!


I feel like new races would still be in the cards for future expansions. They are great marketing tools for expansions and can generate a lot of buzz. Not to mention being a cash cow from race changes and character boosts.

Despite that, I completely understand feeling demoralized. It’s not a great feeling to see how they handled what the community has been requesting for a long time, and while I understand why several people have suddenly quit, it is depressing to see so many people get frustrated and leave.

While I still enjoy the game, I’ve tempered my expectations for future expansions. If they truly claim to be taking feedback from these forums and wanting people to give it on here, then I hope we see evidence of that in the game long-term. Character creation is a very important part of a MMORPG, and it should continue to get expanded in various ways and not get abandoned completely.

Still, as I continue to play the game, I’ll continue to give my support for playable Saurok and Ogres for the Horde, as well as help support others in races they want playable that would be neat additions to the game.

Honestly, I love lizardmen races in fantasy settings that much to continue marching for playable Saurok. Not a guarantee we’ll see it happen, of course, but I’ll keep going as long as I keep playing.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to hope for the best with playable Saurok and Ogres in the Horde. :meat_on_bone::crocodile: :cut_of_meat::japanese_ogre:


I do hope Blizzard sees that too.


Until I see it in game I’m not getting hyped anymore.

If they’re taking our Feedback they need to show it.

Ogres and Saurok deserve to be playable. They’d be a much needed breath of fresh in lore air.


So I had a bit of a fun thought regarding the Mogu.

Previously, I speculated the Mogu taking advantage of the situation in the Shadowlands to grab some souls from there. Likely, to be used in constructs for eternal servitude of some sort. This especially since there are still plenty of clans of them on Pandaria and the ones on Zandalar are likely still up to no good with Azerite they were collecting.

Here is the fun thought: If the souls of previous Mogu emperors and leaders, like Lei Shen, are in the Shadowlands somewhere (like the sinstone of a named Mogu in Revendreth)…what if the Mogu managed to collect them and get them out of the Shadowlands?

It would be an interesting story idea to see this happen, where Lei Shen or a previous Mogu Emperor is given another chance to reform their empire, somehow get into a position of power, and becomes a threat to the world. Makes for a fun premise of an expansion or something, doesn’t it?

It would allow Saurok to be more involved in the game, as I feel that having Mogu being their blood sworn enemy is an important part to them. If the Mogu came back into power, they likely would be trying to hunt down and force Saurok back into being slave soldiers, whether they were alive or dead.

This gives Saurok a pretty good reason to be more open to working with the Horde in a setting, which of course would be a neat way to see them become a playable Horde race.

It’s unclear if it would be possible for Mogu to sneak into the Shadowlands somehow, but not entirely impossible. I know there are some NPC’s from the living world that have been found in the Shadowlands that are still alive, so there must be a way to get in somehow and then teleporting out.

Whether it would happen or not depends on what direction the story is heading. However, if the covenants are going to be busy helping us attacking the Maw, it could open some opportunities for the Mogu to regain power and so on.

If such a thing does happen, though? I’ll happy fight alongside the Saurok and aid them, of course! I’ll lead them into battle, and hopefully into a spot on that Horde side of the character creation screen too. :meat_on_bone::crocodile:


I’ve been exploring some Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition books. Many of them I’d read to get some creativity inspiration for stories I plan to write around my characters someday.

Lizardfolk are a playable race in that setting, with some general info given in the “Volo’s Guide to Monsters” book. It’s something I’ve talked about in a few posts, but I did find a fan wiki that put together some interesting things about them, including some abilities and personalities for them:

A humorous take on one of the personalities is the “You think there are only two species of humanoid: lizardfolk and meat” one.

I also came across a video that talks a bit more in-depth about making a Lizardfolk character in D&D, which I don’t think I’ve linked before:

A lot of good ideas here for playable Saurok! I’ll be keeping an eye out for more stuff like this to share in the future. :meat_on_bone::crocodile:

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yes. x 100
i loved playin a argonian, will love if this is added


Unattractive races tend to have, shall we say, a more selective appeal, and don’t do as well.