The Unofficial High Elf Discussion Megathread

(Drede) #14311

They where popular but they became massively popular with the rise of Mythic+ and being the exclusive Demon Hunter race on the Horde.

They went from 15-20% to 30% at the height of their popularity.

(Izzabelle) #14312

Blood Elf popularity has always been at least 25% or more of the hordes population, once their population was established that is. I mean their population in Classic was Zero. So I cannot say they were always the most popular horde race. I don’t know about Night Elves. Still Blood Elves have always been rather High, Hitting close to 40% with Mythic.

I’m also looking at max level characters,

(Lydon) #14313

They’ve almost always been top played by any metric WotLK onwards, especially after Forsaken got WoTF gutted, and even more made BE for the extra silence/interrupt.


…says the Belf.

Flips scales


I’m remain unconvinced that the “Redeemed” are being setup for anything meaningful – any Alliance players that didn’t read Before the Storm probably don’t even know who Calia Menethil even is.

In any case, the purpose of my earlier post wasn’t to highlight things that are likely to happen; instead, I was aiming to address some of the more brazen deviations from the setting that was described in the Chronicles. Which is to say:

  • The thematic of the Alliance should be dominated by the various Titan-based races, and generally be the more appealing option for elves.

  • The thematic of the Horde should be dominated by the various non-Titan-based races, and generally be the more appealing option for trolls.

That’s a fair point about the Amani. I wasn’t really thinking about tribal politics at all, and instead just used the name most commonly associated with Forest Trolls, but you’re absolutely right – and the Revantusk have been a part of the Horde for quite some time, which is even better.

There are plenty of reasons, historically, that would explain the Dark Trolls joining the Alliance – not the least of which is their interest in all of the same things Night Elves are interested in. The intent for adding them to the Alliance is to illustrate that while the Horde is probably a better fit for most varieties of troll, there are outliers; which is exactly the case, as it is, with Blood Elves an Nightborne.


Agreed. I’m somewhat confident that Blizzard will stop implementing Allied Races patch-by-patch, going forward, instead reserving them as content “Unlocked with the purchase of [Insert Expansion Name]!”; which means that adding this many things is likely to take years (at least 3+, and that’s assuming we got like 6 per expansion).

If the Horde players prefer Mok’nothal, I’m entirely on board. The goal was merely for something to counter the Vrykul, and both Ogres and Mok’nothal are capable in that regard. What’s that hashtag meme, “#whynotboth”?

I’m not entirely convinced that already being an attache to either faction means anything special; the Dark Irons have been fighting with the Alliance for longer than Pandaren, and yet were only made playable a few months ago.

You may be right, but rule of cool, my friend. :wink:

If it wasn’t intentional, it might be the most coincidental accident in the history of video games.

I don’t think any of the retcon’d Eredar/Draenei information would’ve precluded the possibility of them being Titan-based themselves, unless I’m forgetting something?

There’s no mention because I was merely trying to address a perceived deviation from a “proper, in-universe delineation”, by doubling down on the underlaying racial elements of each faction – and while I’m not anti-Hozen or anti-Jinyu, they are sort of purposeless in this regard (likewise with Vulpera and Sethrak).

(Alamara) #14316

I wrote my opinions on what’s next on allied races here:

(Lydon) #14317

While we may be getting Ogres or Mok’nethal at some point, I don’t find Rexxar’s model update to be purely, if at all, indiciative of this. Lor’themar, for example, got a model update recently as well, for seemingly no reason at all (except maybe to make him look awesome for the Heritage Armor questline?). Liadrin similarly got her golden eyes and armaments from her Hearthstone appearance. Blood Elven Spellbreaker guards, some of the last models left that use the original Blood Elf model, were also updated and given model updates, as well as female options, finally.

Even if they did do it to indicate they are updating the Ogre models, this also would only be indicative of redoing most/all of the old world models as they have been (from things like Elementals to Troggs to Squirrels and Quillboar).

It leads me to believe that Classic will have an option to toggle HD graphics and player models, and implement it as purely cosmetic, optional option to entice both newer crowds wanting to try Classic, and allow no change diehards to keep the old stuff (very similar to how Halo:CE’s remaster handled this).

(Fliktarg) #14318

it won’t. I really want a graphics toggle for classic but they said they are not doing that and many classic purists hate the very idea of having newer graphics to the point of the water graphics at the highest setting are the modern textures.

I do have a strong gut feeling that an old world update will be happening relatively soon. In fact it has already started. They are not doing another cataclysm. They are doing a zone or 2 at a time. They start with warfronts to make all the new racial building assets and then once a substantial amount has been done (with perhaps other zones being updated for non warfront things) they will finish it all up. I believe they will leave the leveling as is in the cata version and have the new old world be a max level thing that you can toggle between. They might even do world quests for all the zones like go this X rare or go cull this murloc village that has been raiding the roads.

(Alamara) #14319

I think so as well.

The game needs a revamp in leveling to bring new players.

The longer it takes for Blizzard to do it, the more likely it becomes.

And I think you are wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s the perfect opportunity to finally add ogres. We have a good base model, a perfect system for “minor” races and a HD ogre head. I don’t think it will be wasted.

Hey guys, upvote this little question in the Q&A thread, please? Thank you!

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as for the dance animations, what about those of us who like our copied dance animations? What about those who like the void elf having a twirl?

(Alamara) #14321

It’s a general question on improving allied races, with a year-old quote from Blizzard itself.

(Delusion) #14322

It’s a general question. They should fix bugs and clipping, of course. But people also might not look too kindly upon changing things about their characters when it comes to non optional aesthetics such as silhouettes.

(Alamara) #14323

That’s Blizzard’s problem to solve. I think the general question on improving the races is worth asking.

(Talendrion) #14324

So that High Elf ranger I was drawing? I finally finished him :smiley:


Aw, that is sick dude! I love the asymmetry for the shoulderpad and gauntlets! It looks awesome! :+1:

(Talendrion) #14326

Thank you! I used the Eagletalon Armor set as base, gave it Highvale colors -bright blue/cerulean- and used Alleria’s asymmetric design as a template, for that War2 vibe in wow terms :smiley:

(Alamara) #14327

Very awesome!


Not sure if you know this, but there is a PVP set that is a blue and gold recolor of the Eagletalon gear. It’s exclusive to the Alliance (horde gets a red recolor)

I really wish there was an option to have only one shoulderpad or customize your shoulders- like having shoulders from different sets.

(Alamara) #14329

Clever question.


Very well thought out ideas. I think the only stickler in this is that Blizzard will probably not be interested in adding that many allied races, given Ion’s comment about how they don’t want a huge amount of different races everywhere and want to keep it more lowkey than that, but I can honestly see quite a few of these ideas making it through and others not being ruled out completely.

I would reiterate as well that I really do think the only way a Worgen allied race would be interesting is if it course-corrected the race back into being darker like the devs initially hyped them up to be. Maybe Nightbane or Nightmare Worgen would do the trick, I know I’d really like Worgen that didn’t have a human form at all and couldn’t shapeshift, and just went further into the Worgen side to really emphasize the curse stronger, but still have a darker bent to it so it’s not just Furbolg in wolf form. (Of course, if we were to go with Vulpera as a Goblin allied race, I could see Furbolg with Worgen model and animations be an appropriate counterpart.)

Of those options, they definitely hit a cord with races I want or would want to play. Wildhammer Dwarves, Dark Trolls, Vrykul, High Elves, San’layn, Amani Trolls, and so on. I really would like to play a lot of those races.