The Unofficial Fyr’lath RNG post

Killed it again this week, 26 lessers and 13 greaters. Still didn’t get it. This system is so bad.

My guess is because if they revealed how it worked, it would prove how bad of a system it is (more so than we already know it to be).

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If i had to guess they would be like well a lesser gives you .01% more drop rate and a greater gives you .1% more drop rate and that would make people mad.

As an owner of the axe on my main, they really need to be transparent with the %s

I have 24 lesser and 13 greater now. They said this is bad luck protection.

If 13 weeks of full clears and no lego isn’t Bad Luck; what is?

It begs the question of what blizzard believes bad luck actually constitutes.


21 lesser and 13 greater here. It dropped for 3 people in my raid group this week. My raid group also had 3 people who already had it as well. The numbers are increasing but man does it feel bad at this point.

I’m now only logging in and playing on Tuesday. It will be worthless and a waste of time if they don’t allow you to upgrade it next season.

I don’t know who makes these design decisions but when the evokers were crying out about this and their reply was adding BLP and bringing this soul-crushing design to a much wider audience, that person hopefully got fired.

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at this point ppl that killed heroic fyrakk since the axe available should have their chances increased to 100%

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We don’t even get to have fun with it. I have every item I need from raid and nearly every x-mog I can get. I have all portals, fort, and tyrant m+20s. I also just got 1800 just for giggles.

There is nothing left to do in the game for me but get this ax.


I think the point is that a RNG drop that is so impactful feels really bad when you’re on the wrong side of the dice, and also, a super foreseeable problem.

This is a textbook example of confirmation bias. I mean even your own example, keeping up with DHs, has an alternate explanation - they were reworked going into this season. Every other class that received a talent rework in Dragonflight over performed in the season they were reworked; them being strong even compared to specs that can use the legendary is expected given recent events.

I’m not saying this legendary acquisition is great and you should be happy. I’m not saying it isn’t powerful enough to move your relative performance against peers. Just that you’re rejecting any counter explanation for why your spec is down without the axe this season because believing you were tuned around it fits whatever narrative you want to be true. And in the absence of anyone being able to provide any evidence into Blizzard’s intention beyond log data we’ve seen occur 4 times already since Legion, with the other 3 examples lacking a legendary to prop those specs up, it feels like most people pushing that narrative are feeding into confirmation bias.

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There is a recent blue post on changes with the BLP, I will add the link here:

That explains why I finally got it last night.

So next week i have what seems to be 37% chance to loot the ax. But a 100% chance on the 15th week. Yay? 20 weeks?

Im just glad everyone is playing in a time where getting a lego is expected after two kills. Delete them then no one has anything to worry about

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maybe it’s not like bliz couldnt fix the drop rate sooner, it is a way for them to keep ppl playing this game when nothing is going on, “it is all part of the plan”

Yeah, week 15 apparently.

Imagine having something legendary being rare. At this point the fyrak trinkets are more rare

Well I got the axe this week after 14 heroic kills and 29 lesser embers. I feel like it shouldn’t of taken this long. Maybe I would of got it last week but I missed the buff drop rate because they buffed after I killed it.

Went in an M+ to test it out and the axes effect did 8.5% of my total damage. Guess I was missing out for all those weeks.

Same got it after 14 kills but skipped the full run this week so was at 26 lessers.

Congrats on the ax feeling a bit hollow after all this time.

Not gunna lie , I decided to hear a ret pally alt. And it kinda sunk even deeper now that my chances at getting the axe in an alt are slim to non this season probably lol . I have to start building up my BLP unless I’m extremely lucky on the Ret. But I doubt it cause my loot rolls on the ret have been atrocious since I started with him lmao :rofl: I don’t even wanna know what his chances on the leggo are looking like