The Undying Challenge Viewers Guide

The Undying Challenge Viewers Guide

The first esports tournament in Wrath of the Lich King Classic is here, live on YouTube and Twitch beginning Saturday, October 22 at 10 am PT!

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I just yawned so hard the dog jumped and let a poot slip.


Oh Undying Challenge?
I think I have to take a nap now.


So they are making an Esport out of mega sweaty people playing the game like normal people? I thought Esports were supposed to be entertaining.


You turned some fomo title into an esport?


Maybe it’s just me, but I have no interest in E-sports and I believe they actively damage the game as a whole.


not to be a hater but i think watching a bunch of nobodies race through the literal easiest content that has ever existed in the history of this game is not really my idea of an e-sport


Sets alarm clock… to do ANYTHING besides this.

J/K Blizz… I’m sure some people are into this. Not me though. Dont ban me.


Lol and it wasn’t even that crazy difficult when it was current, I got my title.

As long as nobody died on Heigan, or did Sapphiron right, or stood in the void zones on Kel-Thuzad, and if failed you could always try again next week, while Naxx was current.

Undying wasn’t THAT hard. Immortal was harder due to having 25 people that didn’t mess up.

E-Sports are more unfun than playing real sportsball alone with a deflated ball. I’ll never understand why watching someone else play a game could equate to fun for some people.


Can you please wait like two and a half years, my character is still level 61.

This is where I’m supposed to tell this guy the Wrath forum is that way →




Speed running the easiest raid in existence. Can’t wait

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hahahahahahaha what the hell.

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Millennials and zoomers dude.

Nah, I don’t see the fun in seeing other people play so why would anyone be interested except maybe 1k people at best? Please stop esports in WoW, it HURTS the game, not helps it.

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you know what, im gana say something positive.
really cute art for the logo and background

You could get undying and immortal until cata prepatch. The only thing fomo for naxx being current was plagued/black protos and realm firsts.

Lol no. I’m a millenial and I despise Twitch.TV, streamers, E-sports, TikTok, and the lot of that drek.

At the same time, I never understood why celebrities are celebrities. I don’t worship other human beings, or just give them my time in general. Even if they are talented.

I just keep to myself.

I wonder what fans think to gain by being fans. It’s not like the streamer/celeb knows you personally, if at all.

I Hope Blizzard sees that there is something wrong with their content when the first 15 post are so negative towards it.